A Complete Guide of Supta Vajrasana steps benefits and precautions

Supta Vajrasana steps, benefits, and precautions

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Yoga Guide of Natural Health Tips. Today I will tell you about Supta Vajrasana steps, benefits, and precautions.

Friends, this is the variation of asana Vajrasana. The most important thing about this pose is that this posture is very similar to Supta Virasana.

In both poses, there is only a difference in the position of the head, otherwise, both poses are similar.

Friends, Supta means Recline and the word Recline means to lie down comfortably.

Now you must have understood that in this posture the position of our body is in the lying position.

For this reason, this yoga comes in the category of recline pose. In yoga, it is considered medium-level yoga.

In English country, people call it Recline Thunderbolt Pose.

There are many benefits of this yoga, which we will read in the article. Now let me tell you about some important benefits.

Friends, this pose is considered very good for the mind because the circulation of blood inside it is good in your brain.

Due to this, your memory becomes faster. The problem of stress and anxiety ends.

Let me now tell you in detail about this yoga.

Supta Vajrasana Basic Guide –

Supta Vajrasana is a moderate-level yoga. We know this in English as Recline Thunderbolt Pose.

This is a Laying Yoga pose and in it, we are in the state of half Vajrasana and half Supta Virasana.

This posture is mainly made up of the combination of 3 words. This is the word.

Supta - Recline

Vajra - Thunderbolt

Asana - Pose

When we combine these three words, then Recline Thunderbolt Pose is formed.

Meaning -

Hindi Language - Supta Vajrasana

Sanskrit Language - Supta Vajrasana

English Language - Recline Thunderbolt Pose

Now let's do this yoga practice.

How to do Supta Vajrasana Yoga –

Preparatory pose –

1) Vajrasana

2) Virasana

3) Supta Virasana

Supta Vajrasana Steps –

1) First of all, you have to sit on the mat in the position of Vajrasana.

2) Your waist should be straight, head forward, and hands above the knee.

3) Now you have to tilt your upper body backward.

4) To support your upper body, you hold your soles with your hands.

5) Now you have to slowly move your body backward.

6) Now you have to touch your head above the floor as shown in the picture.

7) Your chin should be towards the roof and your eyes should be towards the wall.

8) Your belly should be raised upwards like a bow appears.

9) Your elbows and forearms should touch the mat.

10) You have to stay in this posture for a few seconds and then leave this pose.

Follow up poses –

1) Dhanurasana

2) Balasana

3) Savasana

Duration –

Friends, this posture is a bit difficult, so you have to stay in the posture according to your ability.

Whenever you feel that now you will not be able to do this pose, at the same time leave this posture.

Supta vajrasana variations –

1) Reclining Hero Pose Variation One Leg Straight Head Bolster

2) Supported Reclining Hero Pose Back Head Bolsters Hands Blocks

3) Reclining Hero Pose Arms Back Bolsters

Beginner Tips –

Friends, you should be a little careful while doing this posture. You may face the most trouble in reclining. That's why you can recline using a Cushion.

Supta Vajrasana Benefits –

1) This yoga increases the flexibility of your spine and back.

2) By doing this pose, your shoulders and neck become flexible and strong.

3) By doing this pose, blood starts flowing toward your mind, which increases your memory power.

4) By doing this asana, there is no problem with stress and anxiety.

5) By maintaining blood circulation, the problem of hair fall is cured.

6) This posture also increases the strength of your knees and hips.

7) This pose reduces the weight of your abdomen very quickly.

8) By doing this pose, your metabolism rate is also correct.

9) This asana is a panacea for gas and constipation.

10) By doing this posture regularly, your body starts looking attractive.

Supta Vajrasana Precautions –

1) You should be careful while reclining otherwise you may get hurt.

2) Do not do this yoga if there is slipped disc and cervical pain.

3) Avoid this posture if there is a Migraine or Headache.

4) Pregnant women should not this pose at all.

5) Do not do this pose if there is hip, knee, shoulder, and neck pain.

Question and Answer Related to Supta Vajrasana -

Q1) What is the benefits of Supta Vajrasana?

Ans- By doing Supta Vajrasana, the strength and flexibility of your spine and hip increase.

Q2) When should we do Supta Vajrasana?

Ans- You can perform Supta Vajrasana in the morning and evening for 2 to 3 minutes.

Q3 ) Can we do Supta Vajrasana after dinner?

Ans - Yes, you can do this pose after dinner.

Q4) Will Suptasana Help us to Reduce Weight?

Ans - Yes Suptasana is Very Effective for weight loss.

Q5) Should Pregnant Women do this Pose?

Ans - we are recommending that pregnant women should avoid this pose.

Q6) Who should avoid Supta Vajrasana?

Ans - Those people who have complaints of high blood pressure should avoid this pose.

Q7) Are there any side effects of doing Vajrasana?

Ans - This can cause pain in your knees and ankles if you do not perform it properly.

Final words on Supta Vajrasana steps benefits and precautions –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post on Supta Vajrasana steps benefits, and precautions very much.

Friends, I have tried my best to provide you all the information related to Vajrasana.

I think I have covered everything in detail you need. I have also guided you about the benefits and precautions of supta Vajrasana.

I hope you will start practicing this pose from today itself. Hope you got to learn something new today.

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