Supta Dandasana Benefits and Precautions

Supta Dandasana Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today I am going to tell you about Supta Dandasana benefits and precautions.

Friends, you must have heard about Dandasana Yoga. This yoga is very beneficial for your spine.

Have you heard about Supta Dandasana? This pose is a variation of Dandasana.

The most important thing about this pose is that we perform it lying down. Whereas Dandasana is a sitting pose.

The way to do both is the same, the only difference is. One is a Sitting Posture and the other is Laying Posture.

There are many benefits of Supta Dandasana, which I will tell you in further detail.

Now we know about some major benefits. Friends, by doing Supta Dandasana, the fat in your lower body starts reducing very fast.

If you practice this yoga regularly, then you will start seeing its positive results in a few months.

This yoga is great for your thigh. If you want to slim and perfect your thigh then definitely practice this pose.

There are many benefits of this posture, which we will read about in detail later. Now let's start today's post.

What is Supta Dandasana –

Friends, as I have told you in the Introduction, this is a variation of Posture Dandasana.

This is medium-level yoga and it is practiced lying down. This posture is known as Reclined Staff Pose in English.

This posture is mainly made up of the combination of two words.

Supta - Reclined

Dandasana - Staff Pose

When we add this word the Reclined Staff Pose is formed.

Meaning -

Hindi -  सुप्त दण्डासन 

English - Reclined Staff Pose

Sanskrit - Supta Dandasana

Now let's start this yoga.

Supta Dandasana Benefits -

1) By doing this yoga, your lower abdominal fat starts decreasing.

2) This pose makes your thigh flexible and strong.

3) This Asana makes the beauty of your body attractive.

4) This posture increases the flexibility of your body.

5) By doing this posture, there is an increase in the flexibility and strength of the spine.

6) This pose increases the flexibility of your back and shoulders.

7) This Asana cures your stomach problems like gas and constipation.

8) This yoga also improves your metabolism rate.

9) This yoga is very helpful in your weight loss.

10) This pose also reduces anxiety and stress

Supta Dandasana Precautions -

1) You should be a little careful while doing this posture, otherwise, you may get hurt.

2) This pose should not be done if there is spine pain or slipped disc.

3) This pose should not be done even if you are cervical.

4) You should not do this posture if you have hip pain, piles, or fissures.

5) Pregnant women should not do this asana.

How to do Supta Dandasana –

Preparatory poses –

1) Dandasana

2) Shavasana

3) Vajrasana

Steps –

1) First of all you have to lie down on the Mat.

2) Both your legs, body, and hands should be relaxed.

3) Now you have to spread your hands on the mat and touch your palm on the mat.

4) Your hands should be parallel to your torso and hip.

5) Now you have to take a Deep Breath and press your palm on the mat.

6) You have to raise your legs while pressing the palm on the mat.

7) You have to raise your legs up to 90 degrees as shown in the picture.

8) You have to remain in this posture for a few seconds and slowly leave the posture.

9) You have to perform this pose at least 2 to 3 times.

10) While doing this asana, you have to inhale and exhale properly.

Follow up poses-

1) Bhujangasana

2) Naukasana

3) Kursiasana


Beginner - do at least 30 to 40 seconds

Intermediate - 60 to 70 seconds

Expert – More than 120 seconds

Beginner tips –

Friends, when you raise your legs, you have to keep Precautions at that time.

You have to raise your legs slowly. When You Feel Comfortable Then You Have To Raise Your Complete Legs.

Question and Answer Related to Supta Dandasana - 

Q1) What are the benefits of Supta Dandasana?

Ans- Doing Supta Dandasana improves your posture and strengthens your back muscles.

Q2) What are the disadvantages of Supta Dandasana?

Ans - If you have back or hip pain then you should not do this pose.

Q3) What is the average duration of doing Supta Dandasana?

Ans- You should do Supta Dandasana for at least 30 seconds.

Q4) Should Pregnant Women Do This Pose?

Ans-  No Pregnant Women Should Avoid This Pose Because These Poses Are Not Good During Pregnancy.

Q5) What is the Best Performance Time For This Pose?

Ans - you can do this pose in the morning it will give you more health benefits.

Q6) What are the common precautions of asanas?

Ans - Avoid asana if you have any type of pain in your body.

Final words on Supta Dandasana Benefits and Precautions –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post-Supta Dandasana Benefits and Precautions very much.

Today we have understood all the details about Supta Dandasana in deep. I have told you everything in detail about how to do this pose.

You read the steps of this posture thoroughly and add it to your daily yoga practice.

You will start getting many benefits from it. Hope you got some new knowledge from today's post.

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