Yoga to Increase Platelet Count

Hello friends, today I will tell you about yoga to increase platelet count.

Friends, Yoga is a straightforward activity but its results are quite incomparable.

Yoga makes your body healthy and mentally fit so that you can lead a healthy life.

By practicing yoga, there is blood circulation and blood purification in your body.

It helps in maintaining the count of Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, and Plates in your body.

If due for some reason, the plate count starts decreasing in your body, then yoga helps in maintaining the number of plates in your body.

Yoga increases the immunity of your body and helps in protecting you from disease.

Friends, when a person gets dengue, then the number of platelets in his body starts decreasing.

In this case, along with a healthy diet, he should also do light yoga.

Due to this immunity increases in your body, and Platelet count also starts increasing.

Let me now give you information about my 5 yoga that will be beneficial for you.

Yoga to Increase Platelet Count

Top 5 yoga to increase platelet count –

Let me now tell you about 5 yoga that will help in increasing your Platelet Count.

1) Naukasana -

Friends, this pose is very easy to do but its benefits are many. This pose helps in increasing the strength of your body.

If you do this yoga practice regularly, then your body starts getting stiff and your immunity power increases.

Due to this, your chances of getting sick are less.

Naukasana is a Stress Remover Pose and you should practice this pose for at least 30 seconds.

2) Halasana –

Friends, this is an Inverted Pose and it is placed at the Intermediate level.

This pose is very helpful in weight loss and mental strength increase.

The best thing is that practicing for the long term increases your immunity.

If your platelets are low then this pose helps in increasing them.

Halasana makes the circulation of blood in your body flow in the reverse direction, you should do this pose for at least 60 seconds.

3) Tadasana –

Tadasana is a straight pose that is known to increase height and strength.

Doing Tadasana increases your body's Flexibility and Blood Circulation.

It also works as a Booster for your Immunity.

In Tadasana, we stretch our complete body as above, you should do this pose for at least 70 seconds.

4) Kagasana –

Kagasana is a medium-level pose. This pose is quite easy to do.

This pose helps in reducing the weight of your Lower Body Fat, Hip, Thigh, etc.

It increases the flexibility of your body. By practicing it in the long term, the RBC, WBC, and platelets of your blood are all maintained.

In this pose, you squeeze your lower abdomen inwards, you should do this pose for at least 20 to 30 seconds.

5) Malasana -

Malasana is a medium-level yoga practice. This is a setting pose that is a panacea for your knee and thigh.

You can practice this pose regularly.

By doing this pose, you can fix your external disease as well as your internal disease.

It is an immunity booster and maintains blood circulation and helps in fixing internal diseases.

In this pose, we stretch our knee from the elbow, you should do this pose for at least 40 seconds.

Question and Answer Related to Platelet Count - 

Q1) Can Yoga increase platelets?

Ans - Yes, if you practice yoga regularly, then your platelet count starts increasing.

Q2) Which Yoga helps to increase platelets?

Ans - By doing meditation and pranayama, platelets start growing very fast.

Q3) Does turmeric increase, platelet count?

Ans - Yes, Turmeric has such properties due to which your platelet count starts increasing.

Q4) What is the fastest way to increase platelet count?

Ans- By eating well and doing the proper practice of yoga, the Platelet count starts increasing.

Q5) Can platelets increase automatically?

Ans - Yes, if you eat good food then your platelets start increasing automatically.

Q6) How many days platelets will increase?

Ans - After taking the medicine, platelets become normal in at least 10 days.

What did you learn from yoga to increase platelet count –

Friends, I have told you the top 5 yoga poses. This pose helps in removing all the diseases related to blood.

It is believed that if you practice this pose daily, then the immunity power in your body starts increasing rapidly.

Due to this, you do not get corona or any kind of disease quickly.

Corona is the fastest-spreading disease in today's time. Its New Variant Omicron is of most concern.

If you practice the above-mentioned yoga, your immunity will increase and you will get the strength to fight against these diseases.

Hope you liked today's post-yoga to increase platelet count.

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