Best Yoga Mudra for Heel Pain

Hello friends, welcome to the above health tips, today I will give you information about Yoga Mudra for heel pain.

Friends, it is a normal thing to have pain in your heels in winter and summer. Most people have pain in the heel in winter.

Due to the pain in the heel, you have a lot of difficulty in walking and walking. Sometimes you can't even walk for long distances.

This pain remains so much that people spend a lot of money on its treatment, but still, they do not get much relief.

But friends, do you know that yoga is considered the best for any kind of disease.

If you give a place to yoga in your life, then you get rid of most of the diseases.

That is why I am going to share some such yoga with you today which will help you in curing many diseases along with your heel pain.

You have to read about these yogas carefully so that you can understand them well.

I will try to explain all these yoga to you in detail. Now let's start today's post.

Yoga Mudra for heel pain

Yoga Mudra for heel pain –

Friends, I am going to share with you the top 5 yoga postures which will give you 100% benefit in heel pain.

1) Tadasana

Friends, Tadasana is a standing pose, in this pose, you stretch your body upwards.

In this pose, we balance our body on the toes, due to which the weight of our whole body is on our heels and toes.

Due to this our heels and toes are strong and it helps a lot in recovering from our heel pain.

2) Malasana –

Malasana is a sitting pose, in this pose, we sit with a gap between our legs.

In this pose, the weight of our whole body is on the sole of our foot, due to which the stretching of our ankle is done very well.

This pose strengthens your legs, and also reduces extra fat from the thighs and abdomen.

3) Baddha Konasana –

Baddha Konasana is a perfect pose, this pose helps a lot in eliminating ankle pain from the root.

In this pose, we bend our legs from the knee and meet both feet with the toe and the heel.

Due to this, the circulation of blood on your heels is very good, due to which there is a lot of benefits in your heel pain.

4) Vrikshasana –

Tree pose also greatly benefits your heels. In this pose, you have to direct your hands upwards.

At the top, you have to join your hands together. Now you have to bend your legs from the knee.

And put the Heel of your Legs on the knee of the other Leg. In this pose, there is a lot of stress on your heels, due to which you get a lot of benefits in pain.

5) Camel Pose – 

Camel Pose is also known as Ustrasana. This is one of the best poses with the help of which you can cure your heel pain.

With the help of this pose, you can increase the flexibility of your body. This pose also helps in reducing the fat on your Thigh and Lower Abdomen.

Advantages –

Friends, with the help of the above-mentioned yoga, you can cure many diseases and pain along with your heel pain.

This pose increases the flexibility and strength of your body. By doing this pose your memory power develops.

This pose helps in reducing your lower body fat and helps in making your body shape attractive.

If you have stomach-related problems then this pose helps you in cure them too.

Disadvantages -

Friends, doing yoga poses does very little harm to you. If you do not practice yoga carefully, then you may have some side effects.

Therefore, while doing yoga, you should pay a little attention so that you do not get injured.

Question And Answer Related to Heel Pain Yoga -

Q1) Can yoga help heel pain?

Ans - Yes, your heel pain starts reducing by doing yoga.

Q2) Is it OK to walk with heel pain?

Ans - It depends on your status and condition.

Q3) What is the most common cause of heel pain?

Ans - Plantar fasciitis is the biggest reason for heel pain.

Q4) How do you stop heel pain fast?

Ans - You can reduce heel pain by practicing yoga

Final Words on Yoga Mudra for heel pain –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post-yoga Mudra for heel pain very much.

Today I have given you information about Top Yoga so that you can practice this pose daily and get rid of your heel pain problem.

This pose helps you a lot with heel pain as well as weight loss and other problems.

Therefore, practice this pose from today itself and make your life pain-free.

Hope you got to learn something new from today's post.

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