Advance Pawanmuktasana Benefits And Contraindications

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today we will read about Pawanmuktasana benefits and contraindications.

Friends, Pawanmuktasana is called advanced-level yoga. This is a lying pose in which we lie down on our backs.

Our legs are bent and with the help of our hands, we hold our legs and try to bring them to our chin.

In this pose, there is more stress on the backside and abdomen of our body.

Due to this, our spine is flexible and the fat in our lower body starts decreasing.

This pose helps a lot in removing extra fat from the top of the Belly, Thigh, and Hips.

Both men and women can do this pose. There is no side effect of this pose.

Today, I will give you detailed information about the Steps, Duration, Benefits, and Precautions of this pose.

All you have to do is read this post carefully and apply the method given by me.

With this, you will get benefits very fast. Let us now start today's post Pawanmuktasana.

Advance Pawanmuktasana Benefits And Contraindications

History of Pawanmuktasana –

Friends, as I have told you, this pose comes in the category of an advanced-level pose.

This pose is known as Wind Relieving Pose in English.

Pawanmuktasana is mainly made up of a combination of 3 words.

Pawan - Wind

Mukt - Relieving

Asana - Pose

When we combine these three words, then the Wind Relieving Pose is formed.

In Hindi and Sanskrit, this pose is known as Pawanmuktasana.

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How to do Pawanmuktasana –

Friends, before starting this pose, you should warm up your body well.


1) First of all you have to lie on your back on the floor.

2) Now you have to make a proper distance between both your legs and hands.

3) Breath is to be taken in and you have to bend your Legs and Knee.

4) Now you have to stretch your folded legs to the upper body.

5) You have to support your legs through your hands.

6) Now you have to grab your Legs through your hands and pull them to your chin.

7) Now you have to remain in this pose for some time and then slowly release the position.

8) After resting for some time, you have to repeat this Posture again.

9) You have to do at least 3 to 4 reps of this pose.

After doing this pose, you have to do some counterposes so that there is no bad effect on your body.

Duration – 

Friends, according to this, a beginner should practice this pose for 40 to 50 seconds.

Variations –

1) Half Wind Release Pose

2) Wind Release Pose Nose To Knee

3) Reclined Knee Circles

Wind Release Pose Benefits – 

1) This Asana increases the flexibility of your back muscles.

2) By doing this pose, your belly fat starts decreasing.

3) By doing this posture, the fat of your Thighs and Hips starts decreasing.

4) By doing this pose, your body's flexibility increases.

5) This Asana is beneficial for both men and women.

6) This pose helps a lot in increasing your concentration power.

7) By doing this posture, the flow of blood is good in the body.

8) This asana is very beneficial in making your heart healthy.

9) This pose is also considered very good for the glow of your skin.

10) By doing this pose, the joints of your body are also strengthened.

Pawanmuktasana Precautions –

1) If you have pain in the back, then you should not do this pose.

2) Beginners should ignore this pose.

3) This pose should not be done if there is a slipped disc or cervix.

4) This pose should not be done if there are piles or a hernia.

5) This pose should not be done if there is pain in the hip or knee.

Question and Answer Related to Pawanmuktasana - 

Q1) What are the benefits of Pawanmuktasana?

Ans - It helps in your weight loss and makes your abdominal muscles strong.

Q2) Which disease can be cured by Pawanmuktasana?

Ans - Pawanmuktasana helps you to cure Type - 2 Diabetes.

Q3) Does Pawanmuktasana reduce belly fat?

Ans- Yes, by doing Pawanmuktasana your Belly Fat starts decreasing.

Q4) What is the Ideal duration for Pawanmuktasana?

Ans - You Can do this pose for 30 to 120 seconds every day.

Q5) Should Pregnant Women do this pose?

Ans - No, Pregnant women should avoid this pose.

Q6) Why is Pavanamuktasana important?

Ans - Doing Pawanmuktasana strengthens your back muscles and increases your strength.

Final Words for Pawanmuktasana Benefits And Contraindications –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post-Advance Pawanmuktasana Benefits And Contraindications very much.

Today I have given you information about Wind Pose in detail so that you can easily do this pose.

If you practice this pose, then you will get a lot of benefits, which I have explained to you in detail above.

Hope you got to learn something new today and you will do this pose from today itself.

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