Pro Uttanpadasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, Today I will give you information about Uttanpadasana steps, benefits, and precautions.

Friends, Uttanpadasana is an Upward Legs Raise Pose, in this pose our body is raised upwards.

Due to this, the blood of our body flows like the upper body. This blood circulation is perfect for our hearts and minds.

This improves our concentration and keeps our hearts healthy.

In Uttanpadasana, all the stress of our body is on the Legs, Thighs, and Abdomen.

Due to this, the extra fat deposited in our abdomen starts decreasing.

Apart from this, this pose has many benefits, which I will explain to you in further detail.

Today we will get detailed information about Uttanpadasana Yoga. Like - What Are the Steps of Uttanpadasana, Precaution, Benefits, Duration, and Variations.

Today's post will give you all this information so that you will know everything about this pose.

You don't need to read any other posts. Now I will give you detailed information about Uttanpadasana.

Uttanpadasana steps, benefits, and precautions.

Uttanpadasana History –

Friends, as I have told you in the beginning that Uttanpadasana is an upward raise pose.

This pose is known in English as Raised Leg Pose. This is medium-level yoga.

This pose is made up of a combination of 3 words.

Uttana - Raised

Pada - Legs

Asana - Pose

When we add this word then Raised Leg Pose is formed.

This pose is also known as Uttanpadasana Yoga in Hindi.

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Uttanpadasana Steps –

Before starting this pose, you should warm up your body so that your body does not get hurt.

Steps -

1) First of all, you have to lay the Mat on the floor and lie on your back on top of it.

2) Now you have to keep both your hands parallel to Torso, your palms should be pressed on the floor.

3) There should be an equal distance between your legs and the legs should be absolutely straight.

4) Take a Deep Breath and press Palm.

5) With palm pressing, you have to raise your legs upwards.

6) Your legs should be held at 90 degrees.

7) Now you have to stay in this state for some time and while exhaling you have to take down the legs.

8) Now you have to take a Breath in again and repeat this posture.

9) You have to repeat this pose at least 3 to 4 times.

When you have done this pose, then after that you have to do counterpose so that you do not get hurt.

Duration –

You should do this pose for at least 40 to 60 seconds. This is the ideal duration of this pose.

Variations –

1) Fish Pose

2) Fish Pose with a pillow

3) Fish Pose with blocks

Raised leg pose Benefits –

1) By doing this pose, your lower body fat starts decreasing.

2) This posture improves blood circulation in your body.

3) This asana improves the health of your heart.

4) Your concentration power improves by doing raised leg pose.

5) This asana improves the flexibility and strength of your body.

6) This pose improves your immunity power.

7) This pose is a panacea for anxiety, depression, and stress.

Uttanpadasana Precautions –

1) If you have back pain then you should not do this pose.

2) Heart patients and kidney patients should not do this yoga.

3) Pregnant women should not have this pose.

4) Even if you have Headache, you should not do this pose.

5) If you have problems with hip or thigh pain, then you should not do this pose.

Questions and answers related to Uttanpadasana -

Q1) What is the English name of Uttanpadasana?

Ans - Uttanpadasana is called Raised Leg Pose in English.

Q2) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans- No, pregnant women should not do this pose, you should do this pose with the advice of a doctor.

Q3) What precautions should be taken while doing Uttanpadasana?

Ans - If you have back pain then this pose should be avoided.

Q4) Which type of pose is Utthanpadasana?

Ans - Friends, we also know this pose by the name of the Raise Feet pose.

Q5) What are the health benefits of Hastapadasana?

Ans - It gives a nice shape to your body and helps in building muscles

Q6) What is the angle of Uttanpadasana?

Ans - You can do the asana by taking appropriate advice from the instructor and making a suitable angle for uttanpadasana.

Final words on Uttanpadasana steps benefits and precautions –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post on Uttanpadasana steps benefits and precautions very much.

Today we have to understand this pose in every detail so that we know how to do this pose.

When you start doing this pose on a daily basis, then you will get a lot of positive benefits from it, which I have told you in detail above.

Hope you have found today's article informative.

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