Best Yoga Exercise For Heart and lungs

Hello friends, welcome to Health Tips, today we will learn about yoga exercises for heart and lungs.

Friends, in today's time, the stress in the life of people has increased a lot, which directly affects your mind and heart.

In today's environment too, the amount of pollution has increased, due to which your heart and lungs are becoming weak.

If you do not take good care of your body, then you can get a very serious disease in the near future.

Of which heart and lung diseases are considered very dangerous. Therefore, you should train your heart and lungs in advance so that you do not catch this disease.

But now the question comes of how can you make your heart and lungs strong.

The simple answer is that by practicing yoga, you should practice such yoga which makes your lungs and heart strong.

When your organs become strong, then the external disease will not be able to touch you at all.

That's why today I will share with you some of my personal favorite exercises, which if you follow, then your lungs and heart can become very strong.

Yoga Exercise For Heart and lungs

Best Yoga Pose For Heart and Lungs –

Now I am going to share with you my top 6 poses which are considered very good for your heart.

1) Sukhasana -

Sukhasana is considered a yoga pose of peace of mind. In this pose, you have to sit in a meditative state.

When you sit in this state, you have to concentrate all your concentration in one place.

You have to regulate your breathing, and this gives you two benefits, first, your lungs are exercised and second, your mind starts to calm down.

When your mind starts to calm down, your stress level starts decreasing which is very good for your heart.

2) Balasana –

Balasana is a medium-level yoga pose, in this pose you have to sit with your body bent from the abdomen.

Breathing is a very important part of this pose. Deep breathing strengthens your lungs.

Due to the forward bend of the body, the flow of blood toward your heart makes the heart healthy.

3) Tadasana –

Tadasana is an Upward Stretch Exercise, in this pose we pull our body upwards.

Due to this, the muscles of our chest and lungs are strengthened. Doing proper exercise also benefits your heart.

As I told you earlier, breathing is the best way to strengthen the lungs.

4) Tree Pose –

Tree pose which is known as Vrikshasana in Hindi is also an upward stretch pose.

This pose is somewhat towards Tadasana, but in this pose, we touch one of our legs to the other leg.

This pose makes us learn to balance and by doing this pose our lungs and heart also become strong.

5) Bridge Pose –

Bridge Pose is an advanced level of yoga, in this pose, the stress of our whole body falls on our chest.

If you do this pose regularly, your lungs become strong and blood circulation improves.

Due to the circulation improvement of blood, your heart is also healthy.

This pose helps in reducing your weight along with your heart and lungs.

6) Uttanasana –

Uttanasana is a Forward Bend Pose, in this pose the entire stress of your body falls on your thighs, legs, abdomen, hips, and chest.

Due to the stress on the chest, the parts of your chest like the lungs get stronger.

In this pose, the flow of blood increases, which is considered very good for your lungs.

Question & Answer Related To Yoga Exercise For Heart and Lungs

Q1) Which is the best yoga exercise for the heart and lungs?

Ans- Trikonasana, Bhujangasana, and Tadasana yoga are the best poses for the heart and lungs.

Q2 ) How many hours of yoga should we practice every day?

Ans - We should practice yoga for 20 to 25 minutes daily.

Q3 ) Should pregnant women do the poses explained above?

Ans - You can do this pose with the advice of a doctor and physician.

Q4) Which yoga is best for the heart?

Ans - Tree poses, Bhujangasana, and chair poses are best for your heart.

Q5) Which is the best yoga for the lungs?

Ans - Dhanurasana and Chakrasana are the best poses for the lungs.

What did you learn from yoga exercises for heart and lungs –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post-yoga exercises for heart and lungs very much.

Today I told you about my top 5 yoga poses which are very good for your heart, lungs, and upper body.

If you practice this pose daily, then your body helps in curing all kinds of diseases.

This pose also reduces the problem of increasing your weight, hope you have got to learn something new from today's post.

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