Yoga Poses For Flexibility For Beginners

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, today we will give you information about Yoga Poses For Flexibility For Beginners.

In today's time, we all have a desire in our mind that our body should be toned and flexible like Hrithik Roshan.

To make this type of body, you do a gym and diet plan. But in today's time, it is very difficult that you can give time to exercise in normal life.

For this reason, most people leave their dreams behind.

But friends, if I tell you that you can still achieve this aim.

How will you react if you do not need to go to the gym? I think you will be very happy.

Friends, if you follow yoga practice, then you can make your body flexible without going to the gym and without doing any rigorous exercise.

You have to follow the yoga practice given by us daily and you will be able to make your body strong and flexible.

Today I will tell you the top 5 yoga exercises which will go a long way in increasing your flexibility.

Now let's start today's post.

Yoga Poses For Flexibility For Beginners

Yoga Pose For Flexibility – 

Now I am going to share with you my top 5 yoga exercises.

1) Malasana –

Friends, the name of our first yoga practice today is Malasana which is known as Garland Pose in English.

This is an advanced-level sitting squat pose. In this pose, our body is in the squat state.

In this pose, all the stress of our body is on the thighs, hips, and legs. This pose takes your body's strength and flexibility to an extreme level.

2) Pyramid Pose –

The name of our second yoga practice today is Parsvottanasana, this pose is also known as Pyramid Pose in English.

This is an advanced level Forward Bend Stretching pose. This pose makes your hip muscles, hamstrings, and spine strong and flexible.

By practicing this pose, your neck, spine, legs, and muscles become strong and flexible.

3) Vrksasana –

Today the name of our third yoga practice is Vrksasana, we also know it in English as Tree Pose.

This is an advanced level Upward Stretch Pose, in this pose our body stretches upwards.

Due to this our strength and flexibility increase. By practicing this pose, our body becomes very flexible.

4) Bridge Pose –

The name of our fourth yoga practice is Setu Bandhasana, this is a medium-level backward bend pose.

This pose is also known in English as Bridge Pose because in this pose our body looks like a bridge.

This pose helps a lot in increasing the strength of your body and increasing your flexibility.

5) Chakrasana – 

Friends, the name of our last yoga practice today is Chakrasana, also known as Wheel Pose.

This is the Invert Bend pose of the Advance level. This pose increases the flexibility of our spine, shoulders, legs, and muscles.

If you practice this pose daily, then the chances of increasing your height are also very high.

Question And Answer Related to yoga pose-

Q1) Which yoga poses are good for flexibility?

Ans - Malasana, Trikonasana, and Navasana are good for flexibility.

Q2) How do I start yoga and become flexible?

Ans - You can start yoga little by little every day and make your body flexible.

Q3) What type of yoga is best for inflexible beginners?

Ans - The yoga in which your whole body is used is considered good for your flexibility.

Final Words on Yoga Poses For Flexibility For Beginners –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post-Yoga Poses For Flexibility For Beginners very much.

Today we have told you many advanced-level yoga exercises if you practice these exercises daily.

So the strength of your body increases very fast and your flexibility also increases.

Apart from this, you also get many yoga exercises which you can practice.

Hope you got to learn something new from today's post.

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