Yoga Poses For Abs Beginners

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, Today we are going to give you information about yoga poses for abs beginners.

Friends, Yoga poses are beneficial for both your external body and internal body.

If you practice yoga poses daily, then your body becomes strong, and your strength increases.

Yoga poses also help in building the shape of your body. It reduces the extra fat accumulated on your chest, biceps, stomach, waist, etc.

It tones your muscles and makes you lean and handsome.

If you want to develop your 6 or 8-pack as well, then Yoga helps you to fulfill this aim as well.

You have to practice the yoga exercises mentioned by us fiercely. If you practice the exercises given by us well, then your six-pack abs can come very easily.

That is why if you also want to achieve the aim of making abs, then you have to practice all the poses present in today's post daily, only then will you be able to develop abs easily.

Let us start today's post.

Yoga Poses For Abs Beginners

Five Yoga Poses To develop Abs –

1) Plank Pose –

Friends, the name of our first yoga
practice today is Phalakasana, which we also know as Plank Pose in English.

This is an advanced level lying pose in which we balance our body 1 to 2 feet above the ground.

Practicing this pose trains our forearms, biceps, legs, thighs, and abdomen.

This pose also plays an important role in developing your abs.

2) Dolphin Pose –

Friends, the name of our second yoga exercise today is Ardha Pincha Mayurasana, it is an intermediate-level yoga exercise.

In this pose, our body is bent forward and the hips are raised upwards.

This pose is also known as the Dolphin pose in English. This pose removes extra fat from your stomach, due to which your weight starts reducing very easily.

3) Dolphin Pose With Leg Lift –

Friends, the name of our third yoga practice today is Catur Svanasana, which is also known as One-Legged Dolphin Pose in English.

This pose is similar to the dolphin pose, but in this, we lift one of our legs up.

This pose helps burn hips, legs, abdomen, and extra fat.

4) Star Plank –

Friends, the name of our fourth yoga exercise today is the Star Plank pose. This pose is also known as Side Plank Variation.

This pose helps a lot in reducing your side fat. If you practice this pose daily, then your body changes.

As your muscles begin to tone and your six-pack abs begin to form.

5) Twisting Boat Pose –

Friends, our last and fifth yoga exercise today is the Twisting Boat Pose.

This is a medium-level yoga exercise, in this pose our body is in the position of a boat pose.

But in our position, there is a twist on the left or right side, which means our body is bent on the left or right side.

This pose helps in maintaining body fat and helps in abs development.

Question And Answer Related to Yoga Pose - 

Q1) Can I get abs by doing yoga?

Ans - Yes, you can remove your abs by practicing yoga.

Q2) Which yoga poses work on abs?

Ans - Both vrikshasana and vasisthasana yoga poses help in removing your abs.

Q3) Is yoga harder than gym?

Ans - No, Yoga can be practiced quite easily as compared to gym

Final Words on yoga poses for abs beginners –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post yoga poses for abs beginners very much.

Today we have shared many poses with you that you can practice.

This pose helps in reducing the extra fat stored in your body and sets the tone of your body.

This pose also helps to play an important role in improving the shape of your body.

Hope you find today's post very informative

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