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About Us

Hi friend,

My Name is Anup Gupta Founder of  Natural Health Tips.

My Personal Information-

 1) Btech In ECE ( 2010-2014)
2) PGDM in SCM ( 2018-2020)

I am an Engineer and Management student by Qualification but a blogger by Passion.

I am doing Blogging since May 2020. I love to Share Health, Fitness, and Blogging Knowledge to my Respective Audience.

I am active on some social Media Platforms. Where people loved and appreciated my content.  

My Social Media Information-

1) Facebook-
 I have a group on Facebook whose name is also Natural health tips. Where I constantly post the latest health tips to my audience.

Facebook Page - Natural Health Tips

2) Pinterest-
On Pinterest, I have also a Business account Whose name is Yoga for beginners. Where I constantly post my latest article. On Pinterest around Monthly 20 k, People visit my Business page.

Pinterest -   Yoga for beginners

3) YouTube-
I have also a youtube channel with the name Anup Guptaa. where I constantly share Blogging Information to my Audience.

YouTube - Anup Guptaa

I am also active on Twitter, Mix, Flipboard, Tumblr, and Linkedin.

The vision of Natural Health Tips-

The main vision of Natural health Tips is to give the solution to health problems.

Natural health tips Mainly Focus on Yoga, Health, nutrition, and Fitness.

We will use our knowledge to Give the best and unique solution to Our Audience.

Here What we Have to Learn In Natural Health Tips.

1) Different Types of Yoga with their Health Benefits

2) Why nutrition is Required for Body.

3) Learn Different types of Disease with their cure using yoga.

4) Latest Trends In Fitness

5) Why Fitness is required in Modern Day Life

We will be trying to find the Answer of the Above question In Natural Health Tips.

I am a Deep Researcher and write each and every article with extreme knowledge.

Your Friend,
Anup Gupta


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