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Pro Natarajasana Benefits and Precautions || Dancer pose steps

Hello friends, today's article is going to be a bit special because through today's post we are going to learn the most powerful yoga Natarajasana. Friends, first of all, we try to understand what is the Natarajasana benefit and Precautions . Friends, your position in this posture is like the Nataraja form of Lord Shiva. This is a back-bending pose. Being a back-bending pose, it is very beneficial for your waist. In this posture, your waist becomes very much twisted, due to which your waist becomes flexible. This pose helps in making your body very flexible. It makes all the organs from your thigh to shoulder strong. Let us now read in detail about Natarajasana. What is Natarajasana?- Friends, this pose is named after Nataraja, one of the many names of Lord Shiva. It is also called the Lord of Dance pose. When Lord Shiva is very happy or angry then he starts dancing, that dance of his is called Nataraja. Natarajasana is made up of a combination of 2 words. Nataraja - dance Asan

Pros and Cons of Eating Elaichi (Cardamom)

Friends, you must have heard of cardamom, which is known as elaichi in India. This is a very famous spice that is used in Indian kitchens. It is used to improve taste and aroma in food. Inside India, elaichi is added to ice cream and milk to add a great flavor to them. Our ancestors also used to say that if you eat cardamom after eating food, there is never a smell in your mouth and your digestion improves. Friends do you know elaichi has many benefits and some side effects as well. In today's article, we will read about the pros and cons of eating elaichi. We will try to know whether eating cardamom is good or bad for the body. Through today's article, we will try to understand some of the main benefits of cardamom. Let's start the post. Eating cardamom is good or bad- Friends, you must have heard a saying that if something has advantages then it also has some disadvantages. Whether it is elaichi or any other herbs, if we consume more than it, then it causes harm to our

Can we do 10 exercise for biceps?

Friends, today we will try to give the answer to a query Can we do 10 exercises for biceps. This is a very important question because a lot of people doing workouts have confusion about whether they should do 10 exercises together. The answer to this question can be given keeping in mind many factors. Now, we try to understand those factors. Friends, if you are a beginner, then you should not exercise too many biceps workouts at once. If you have been exercising for a while like 6 months or 8 months, then you should try some variations. If you are a pro workout player, then you can do 10 bicep exercises in one day. I will give further details in the article about the psychology of doing this. Through today's article, we will try to understand the psychology of biceps exercise. We will also try to know which 10 biceps exercises we should do. Bicep workout routine- Friends, now it comes to whether we should make a bicep Workout Routine. The answer is yes because if you do the same ex

Benefits and Precautions of Eating jeera (Cumin Seeds)

Friends, do you suffer from stomach related diseases. Do you want to lose weight quickly? Are you also worried about not having time? You do not get time to exercise. So I have brought an organic herb for you. This herb will help in rooting out all stomach related and weight-related diseases. The name of this organic herb is jeera. It is a spice that is easily found in your kitchen. In today's article, we will read the benefits and precautions of Eating jeera in detail. Let us now understand a little about cumin seeds in detail. jeera is a spice grown and eaten in South Asia. Cumin seed is consumed in India very much. It is used in India to make curries and various recipes such as cumin rice. It is mainly used in curd and raita to improve its taste. The taste of cumin seeds is bitter and hot, but Indians eat it with great fervor. According to Ayurveda, It is ancient medicine. It is used to cure various diseases. Jeera is used extensively in improving digestion and weight loss. Le

How to make jeera and saunf water for weight loss

jeera and saunf water for weight loss- Friends, if you are suffering from weight Gain problems then obviously you have tried everything. Like - exercise, diet, low-calorie food, but you are not losing weight, have you tried saunf and jeera water for weight loss? Friends, fennel, and cumin is a wonderful recipe, if you use it then you will get many benefits from it.  In today's busy time, we have no time at all to go to the gym. Even we are not able to do diet because our schedule is so busy we do not get the time to do it. Friends, in such a busy time, if we find such a recipe which is present in our kitchen, then it will be so good. That is why I am writing this article today because I know there are many of us who do not have any time at all. After today's article, you will get a recipe that will make you lose weight in no time. So, friends, now we read about jeera and saunf water for weight loss. Saunf and jeera water for weight loss – Friends, now you will definitely ask me

Halasana (Plough Pose) Steps Benefits and Precautions

Friends, if you have constipation, then Halasana is a very useful pose for you. The plow pose comes within a medium yoga practice. This means if you practice yoga every day, then only you can perform this posture. Plow Pose comes inside Hatha Yoga. This is an advanced level posture due to which your body gets many benefits. This makes your spine flexible and strong. It is called an inverted pose because our body is in an inverted posture while performing it. Through today's article, we will try to understand Halasana in detail. Our main goal will be to learn Plough Pose very closely. Friends, if you are learning something, then you should also know about its pros and cons. Let us now read the Halasana Steps Benefits and Precautions . Halasana steps and benefits- Let's be friends, now we try to understand the steps and benefits of the Plow pose. Before that, we get to know about a little Plough pose. Halasana comes inside hand yoga. It is one of the types of ancient yoga types.

Similarities Between Asana and Exercise

Friends, today's topic is going to be very interesting because we are going to find the answer to a very common question. This question is similarities between asana and exercise. Friends, as we have been taught since childhood that if you have to find a similarity between two things, then you have to understand in deep what is the difference between the Two. So, friends, we will have to understand this topic in deep. A lot of people ask me, can you tell us which is the best yoga or exercise. Friends, I have done a lot of research to answer his question. Through this article, I will try to explain to you better what is the best in yoga Pose and workout. What is the same and what is the difference between the two? If both are the same then do both give the same health benefit? Friends, a lot of your Doubts are going to be cleared through today's article. Let us now try to understand yoga and workout in detail. What Is Yoga?- Friends, it is not so easy to understand Yoga because