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Modern Gomukhasana steps benefits and precautions

Gomukhasana steps benefits and precautions- Do you feel tired when you wake up in the morning? Usually, a person feels fresh. But do you feel tired? If yes, then your body is slowly losing its strength. So how can we make our body feel fresh again? The answer is yoga. There are many asanas inside yoga, which refreshes the body along with curing the disease. One of them is gomukhasana. This poses cures thousands of diseases and makes our body and mind feel fresh. In Today's Guide, I will teach Gomukhasana steps benefits, and precautions in detail. Meaning of Gomukhasana- English meaning- Cow Face Pose Sanskrit Meaning- Go Mukh Asana Hindi Meaning- Gaay chehera asana In English, gomukhasana is also known as cow face yoga. In the Sanskrit language, it is composed of 3 words  First            Go-       Cow Second        Mukh-   Face Third           Asana-   Pose When we combine these three words then it becomes Cow face yoga. In this posture, our body and face look like a cow that'

Best Bhujangasana benefits and precautions: Cobra pose steps

Bhujangasana benefits & precautions In the 21st century, most people have a seating job.  This seating job leads to increases in weight gain and also diseases related to the back. Most people spend 8 to 10 hours in front of the computer, causing them to have back pain or cervical disease. So the question is how we can avoid these diseases. My simple answer to this is yoga practice. There is 84 yoga if we practice only 7 out of 84 then we will live a healthy life. Today, I will tell you the posture that will relieve you from back pain. The name of this pose is Bhujangasana. In today's article, I will tell you Bhujangasana benefits & precautions and also Cobra pose steps. Bhujangasana in English is also known as Cobra Mudra. It is made up of two words Bhujanga means a big snake and Asana means an asana, hence it is known as Cobra Mudra or Bhujangasana. This is basically a back-bending posture. While practicing, a person looks like a big snake that's why it is named as cob

Expert Level Vajrasana steps, benefits and precautions

Vajrasana steps, benefits, and precautions- Due to eating the wrong food like fast foods, we suffer from gas and constipation. Our food is not digested, a gas formed and enough gastric juice is not secreted in our stomach. If you have to face the same problem then you have come to the right blog post. Today I will give you a complete health guide. Inside which I will teach a yoga practice. That yoga will correct your stomach problem and other critical diseases. In today's guide, I will tell you what is Vajrasana? And Vajrasana steps, benefits, and precautions. What is Vajrasana? Vajrasana is made of two words first Vajra meaning thunder or diamond and asana means pose so that's why it is also called thunderbolt pose. In this posture, we bend our legs and sit. This is the pose where we achieve calmness in our minds. Like padmasana, this pose is quite simple. A beginner can start his yoga practice through this asana. Thunderbolt pose steps- Preparatory pose- You should first sta

Vasisthasana steps benefits and precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today I will tell you in detail about Vasisthasana steps benefits and precautions. Friends, Vasisthasana is a side plank pose. It greatly helps in the strength and weight loss of your body. This is an advanced level yoga in which you use your side body. Friends, if you are learning different types of exercise for weight loss and trying different types of food. If you are still not getting any positive results, then you should definitely try this asana. I hope that after a few days of hard work, you will get good results in your weight loss. This posture also helps a lot in increasing the strength of your body. In this asana, you use the strength of the side body, which causes your immunity and stamina to increase. Therefore, you should learn this asana very carefully so that you can take good advantage of both these benefits. Now let's learn how we can do Vasisthasana Vasisthasana Meaning – Friends, Vasisthasana is an Advance level yog

Advanced padmasana benefits and precautions with Steps

Padmasana benefits and precautions- In today's time, everyone is unhappy with the increase in weight, most people have a perfect body, but fat accumulates on their thighs and waist, due to which those people do not look good despite looking good. If you are also a victim of the same thing then you have come to the right place. Today, I will tell you a posture that will solve your problem. This pose is padmasana I will tell you steps, Padmasana benefits, and precautions. Padmasana is made up of two words. The Padma means lotus ( kamal) and asana means pose that's why we call it lotus pose. Steps of padmasana- Preparatory Pose - 1) Vajrasana 2) Trikonasana 3) Balasana Steps - 1) We will practice some preparatory poses before performing Padmasana. 2) First of all, place the heel of your right foot on the knee of the left foot. Place the heel of the left foot under the knee of the right foot. Sitting in this posture for some time. This causes stretching of your leg and thigh. 3) Af

Pro steps and benefits of Chakrasana: Wheel pose Advantages

Steps and Benefits of Chakrasana Are you suffering from stress? Are you worried? Are you suffering from back pain? If yes, then I have a solution for you. The solution is Chakrasana. Today I will give you complete information about the steps and benefits of Chakrasana . Together I will also cover precautions and beginner tips for you guys. Chakrasana which is also known as wheel pose is an advanced level of yoga. To practice this you should be more careful because this asana stressed your spine. When we do Chakrasana your body shape looks like a wheel that's why it is called a Wheel pose. Also, Read-   Dhanurasana steps and benefits How to do Chakrasana (wheel pose Steps)- Preparatory Pose -  1) Malasana 2) Padhastasana 3) Paschimottanasana Steps - First, you lie on your back. Now stabilize your body and calm your mind. Take 2 to 3 long breaths. Bend your legs from your knees in such a way that your heels are near your hips. Fold your hand in such a way that your hand fingers point

How push ups will change your body: 100 push-ups a day

How push-ups will change your body- Today a person asked me the question of how push-ups will change your body . So I will try to answer the same question today with this article. That person asked me if we do the same exercise every day, like push-ups and pull-ups then what will change in our body after 1 year. I liked his question very much. In today article I will cover How push-ups will change your body How to do push-ups Benefits of pushups Things to remember when doing push-ups. I will tell you all these things in detail. Push-ups every day for a month- If we do pushups daily, will our body be formed? Will cut develop on our body? Will our bodies become muscular? Friends, we have to talk at some point to answer this question. 1) Muscles Improvement 2) Muscle endurance 3) Growth of muscles After understanding these three points, we can know what will be the affect our body. First of all, we are talking about muscle growth. If you are a novice and start applying 100 pushups daily.