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Learn Simplest Way to do Tittibhasana: steps, benefits, precautions

Hi, Friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips, today I am going to tell you about tittibhasana steps benefits, and precautions. Friends, this asana is an Advance level posture in which you have to balance your complete body through hands. The full weight of your body is on your hands, but body balancing plays a big role. This poses tones up your hand and stomach and helps in removing extra fat from your hips. Balancing is the only reason that causes your Hip fat to be continuously removed. Above we have understood some of its important benefits, now we understand its steps. Friends, it is a bit difficult for a beginner to do this posture, it is difficult to say that without practice it is difficult to master this posture. Therefore you should practice this pose continuously so that you become proficient in it in the short term. Friends, if something has benefits, then it also has some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of this pose is that if we miss a little asana, then our chances

Sarvangasana benefits for brain: Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

Sarvangasana benefits for brain Today's lifestyle has become something like that, whether children or young people, all have become victims of weak memory power. The main reason for weak memory power is nowadays food and unnecessarily digital gadgets. During exam time, children do not remember the answers and the youngsters forget about keeping small things. So, the question is how to increase our memory power. My answer is the practice of continuous and advanced yoga. Today I will teach you an advanced yoga pose that will especially increase your brainpower. The name of this pose is Sarvangasana. Today we will discuss the steps, benefits, and Precautions of Sarvangasana. Our main focus is on Sarvangasana benefits for the brain . Sarvangasana- English meaning-   Shoulder stand pose Hindi meaning-       सर्वांगासन Sanskrit meaning-   Sarvangasana It is composed of two words Sarvang-   Entire body Asana-     pose It is also known as Shoulder Stand poses in English. It is an inverted

Padahastasana benefits and precautions|| Steps and Beginner tips

Padahastasana benefits and precautions- We have already learned about 10 to 12 Yoga Mudras. All these come in Beginner Yoga. The yoga practice we will talk about today is advanced-level yoga. The name of this yoga practice is Padahastasana. This yoga will make you mentally strong and it is beneficial for your stomach and waist disease. In today's article, we will cover Padahastasana benefits and precautions, and steps. Padahastasana- English Meaning -      Hand under Foot Pose Hindi Meaning-          पादहस्तासन Sanskrit Meaning-   Padahastasana It is made up of 3 words Pada- Foot Hasta- hand Asana- pose When we compose these three words then it became a hand under foot pose. In this posture, we are bend from the waistline and Try to touch our hand to the floor. In the meantime, we also trying to touch our heads to the knees. How to do Padhastasana (Steps)- Preparatory pose- 1) Tadasana 2) Trikonasana 3) Tree pose yoga Steps- 1) First, stand straight, Maintain equal distance between

Samakonasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to the new episode of Yoga, today I will tell you about Samakonasana steps benefits, and precautions. Friends, Samakonasana which also named Straight Angle Pose, this is an advanced level asana. Inside it, your body looks like a term of mathematics, 90 degrees Angle. Your entire body stretch falls on your upper part and abdomen. Which makes your upper body look attractive and beautiful. Due to stretching on the abdomen, your lower body fat reduces and all the diseases related to your stomach start to be cured. This asana is very effective for your gas, indigestion, and constipation problem. Friends, if you want to do fast weight loss, then you should practice yoga poses of Advance level regularly. This asana affects your lower body, which makes you lose weight easily. Another reason is that these asanas improve your metabolism rate, which also starts your weight loss. Let us now understand the topic Straight Angle Pose of today. Samakonasana Beginning – Let us no

New vrikshasana steps, benefits and precautions

Vrikshasana steps, benefits and precautions- We all wake up in the morning and think we will do yoga from today. But we do not understand which yoga to begin with. We watch 1000 videos and read many articles but are unable to decide which yoga will be right for us. After today's article, your problem must be solved, which yoga you should start with. After reading Today's article, I hope you will be engaged in yoga practice from tomorrow itself. Today the exercise I will tell you is called vrikshasana, it is very beneficial and the best exercise to start yoga. Today, I will explain to you vrikshasana steps, benefits, and precautions very closely and deeply. Vrikshasana- English Name -     Tree Pose Hindi Name -        वृक्षासन Sanskrit Name-   Vrikshasana It is composed of two words Vriksh -   Tree Asana-     Pose That’s why it is called sometimes a Tree pose. It is a standing posture. In this, a person puts both his hands upwards and one leg is placed on the knees of the other

Beginner paschimottanasana steps benefits and precautions

paschimottanasana steps benefits and precautions- In today's busy lifestyle, not all of us get time to exercise. Even if you get, you get very little time. That time is not enough for body exercise. You do not need to worry. All your problems will be overcome with today's yoga exercises. This yoga exercise makes the whole body workouts. Time also takes very little of it. So let me tell you the name of this yoga exercise. The name of this exercise is Paschimottanasana. In today's article. I will tell you in detail about paschimottanasana steps benefits and precautions. What is Paschimottanasana- English meaning-  Forward Bend Pose Hindi Meaning-  पश्चिमोत्तानासन Sanskrit meaning-  Paschimottanasana It is composed of 3 Sanskrit word Paschi – West or Back Uttana - Intense Asana- A yoga pose This is also known as forwarding bend pose in English. In this pose, we bend our upper body forward and try to touch our head on the knee. How to do Paschimottanasana- Preparatory pose- 1)

Pro Vrischikasana benefits: vrischikasana steps and contraindications

Vrischikasana steps and contraindications- Most people dream of developing a strong and good-looking shoulder and body. They spend a few hours in the gym but cannot achieve the dream. The main reason behind this is the lack of proper exercise for the shoulder. But the question is, will you still have this dream? My answer is yes. You will still develop a good-looking shoulder. You will achieve this dream through yoga. To fulfill this Goal we will practice vrischikasana. Today I will take you to the ride of Vrischikasana benefits and vrischikasana steps and contraindications. Vrischikasana- English- Scorpion pose Hindi- bichuasana Sanskrit- Vrischikasana It is composed of two words  First-word Virschik- Scorpio Second Word Asana- Pose That’s why it is sometimes known as a scorpion pose. It got its name Scorpio pose because when we do this pose, our posture looks like a scorpion sting. Also, Read- Gomukhasana steps and benefits How to do Vrischikasana- Preparatory poses- 1) Bhujangasana