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Dandasana steps benefits and precautions || How to do Staff Pose

Dandasana steps benefits and precautions- We are mostly sitting, or lay down. If we lie down, then we run the phone and our lying position is completely wrong. When we sit, we tilt the waist, which causes the structure of our body to deteriorate. Nowadays, the young man's hips come out and his back is bent. They begin to look very old at a young age. Our sitting and lying determine the shape of our body. But some people have this type of job, they have to sit all day, so how can those people improve their body shape. I would recommend those people and young people to do some asanas. But if they do daily Dandasana, his body will be healthy and his body will become beautiful. Today we will read Dandasana steps benefits and precautions. Meaning of Dandasana- English Meaning-       Staff Pose Sanskrit Meaning -     Dandasana Hindi Meaning-           दण्डासना It is made up of Two Sanskrit Words Danda -   Staff Asana-    Pose When we add these words then it will become Staff pose. It i

Mayurasana benefits and precautions || Peacock Pose Steps

Mayurasana benefits and precautions- Nowadays a trend is going on among the boys. They need strong and firm shoulders and the forearms should look strong and muscular. To fulfill this desire, they spend 5 to 6 hours in the gym. In the early days, they work hard but when the results are not found, they give up exercise. Some boys get results but they do not last long and their shoulders and forearms again become the same. Many boys get shoulder and hand injuries. The knot comes out in someone's hand because they exercise in the wrong way. Today, I will tell you a yogic way that if you do it every day, then you will get permanent strong shoulders and forearms. This yogic posture is Mayurasana. Today we will read Mayurasana benefits and precautions in detail. Basic Knowledge of Mayurasana- English Meaning-          Peacock Pose Hindi Meaning-             मयूरासन Sanskrit Meaning-     Mayurasana It is composed of Two Vedic Words Mayur-   Peacock Asana-    Pose Hence it is known as m

Sirsasana steps benefits and precautions|| How to do Headstand

Sirsasana steps benefits and precautions- Today I will talk to you about two common problems. The first problem is the weak learning power of children. Another major problem is the loss of hair at the young age of man. Today's atmosphere has gone something like this. Children are unable to remember books. Children read a chapter today and forget it till tomorrow. The second problem is that man's hair falls at a young age. By the age of 30, a man becomes bald nowadays. Men start getting older at a young age. But you do not have to worry. Today, I will tell you the solution to both these problems with one posture. The name of this pose is the headstand. Today we will read sirsasana steps benefits and precautions in detail. Shirshasana in detail- English meaning-       Headstand Hindi Meaning-          शीर्षासना Sanskrit meaning-  Sirsasana It is made up of two Sanskrit word- Shirsh  -    Head Asana -     Pose That's why it is called a headstand in the English language. Hea

What is the procedure and benefits of parvatasana in 2021?

Hello friends, welcome to Yoga's English blog, today we will learn Parvatasana Steps Benefits and precautions . Friends must have heard about your Deep Meditation. Do you know what effect this Meditation has on your mind and body? Does this meditation put Positive Impact on your mind? Doing this does not have any side effects. How can you do this Meditation? Friends, the answer to all these questions is Parvatasana, this pose works as a medicine for your mind. You should do this asana daily for your peace of mind and body. This pose is very beneficial for you in anxiety and stress because by doing this asana, positive hormones in your mind are secret. Which increases positivity in your brain, which causes your anxiety and stress cure. By doing this, your metabolism rate also improves, which causes your weight loss. An increase in weight is the cause of many diseases, as soon as your weight starts decreasing, in the same way, your disease will also start to reduce. Now let us learn

Balasana steps benefits and precautions|| Child pose for glowing skin

Balasana steps benefits and precautions- The beauty of women is known by their faces. Women use many beauty products to make their skin glow. This product makes your skin look beautiful for some time. But with continuous use, it takes away the natural beauty of your skin. So what to do now. So that our skin looks beautiful and we do not have to use harmful skin products. The answer to this question is Balasana. This is a good type of yoga. If you practice this yoga, it will benefit your entire body with your skin. Today we will understand in detail about Balasana steps benefits and precautions. Basics of Child Pose- English Meaning – Child Pose Hindi meaning-      बालसाना Sanskrit meaning- Balasana It is made of Sanskrit words 1) Bala  -   child 2) Asana-   Pose When we combine these two words then it will become a Child pose. It is also known as  1) Garbhasana  2) Shashankasana We begin this pose with Vajrasana. Later, we bend our upper body forward and try to make our head touch to t

Modern Ustrasana benefits and precautions: How to do camel pose

Ustrasana benefits and precautions- Nowadays men and women are very much disturbed by their lower body fat. As our age increases, our lower part fat begins to accumulate. The entire body of most people looks fine. But they have fat on their lower abdomen and waist. If you are also suffering from lower body fat, you can reduce your fat in a few days by doing this posture. Today I will tell you about Camel Pose. This asana will reduce your lower body fat and make you attractive. In today's article, I will tell you Ustrasana benefits and precautions. What is camel pose- English Meaning -    Camel Pose  Sanskrit Meaning -   Ustrasana Hindi Meaning-         ऊष्ट्रासन It is composed of Sanskrit Two words Ustra -    Camel Asana-    Pose Because of which it is known as Camel Pose. Ustrasana is actually an inverted pose. In this, we are on our knees and bend our upper body backward and grab our ankles with our hands. How to do Camel Pose- Preparatory pose for Ustrasana- Before performing th

Learn Simplest Way to do Tittibhasana: steps, benefits, precautions

Hi, Friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips, today I am going to tell you about tittibhasana steps benefits, and precautions. Friends, this asana is an Advance level posture in which you have to balance your complete body through hands. The full weight of your body is on your hands, but body balancing plays a big role. This poses tones up your hand and stomach and helps in removing extra fat from your hips. Balancing is the only reason that causes your Hip fat to be continuously removed. Above we have understood some of its important benefits, now we understand its steps. Friends, it is a bit difficult for a beginner to do this posture, it is difficult to say that without practice it is difficult to master this posture. Therefore you should practice this pose continuously so that you become proficient in it in the short term. Friends, if something has benefits, then it also has some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of this pose is that if we miss a little asana, then our chances