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Similarities Between Asana and Exercise

Friends, today's topic is going to be very interesting because we are going to find the answer to a very common question. This question is similarities between asana and exercise. Friends, as we have been taught since childhood that if you have to find a similarity between two things, then you have to understand in deep what is the difference between the Two. So, friends, we will have to understand this topic in deep. A lot of people ask me, can you tell us which is the best yoga or exercise. Friends, I have done a lot of research to answer his question. Through this article, I will try to explain to you better what is the best in yoga Pose and workout. What is the same and what is the difference between the two? If both are the same then do both give the same health benefit? Friends, a lot of your Doubts are going to be cleared through today's article. Let us now try to understand yoga and workout in detail. What Is Yoga?- Friends, it is not so easy to understand Yoga becau

Face exercise regular basis is good or bad?

Friends, how many of you think that face exercises are only for women. Do you know that face workouts are beneficial for women as well as for men? The only difference is that men's skin is slightly rough, so a man has to exercise at high frequency. Friends, our today topic is, face exercise regular basis is good or bad . We should understand this thing in detail because all things have some advantages, so there are also some disadvantages. For example, if we do something on a daily basis, it can give us benefits as well as losses. Therefore it is very important to understand how much and when we should do face exercise. Let us now try to understand this topic in detail. Is facial exercise good or bad?- Friends, we will now try to understand this by some facts and examples. Do really face exercises is good or bad. Let's try to understand now. Friends, I will try to explain this fact from the example of a workout in the gym. Suppose you are exercising biceps from today to the n

Viparita Karani: Steps, Benefits, precautions, and Variations

Hello friends, welcome to our blog. Today, I will teach you viparita Karani's steps, benefits, and precautions. Friends, this is an inverted Yoga Pose, inside which you invert your body. This yoga posture is placed in the category of yoga asana of advanced level. Today's time is so much stress that a person is always under tension. We all have home stress, business anxiety, job worry, worry about bills, and do not know what to worry about. Which causes us to live in depression and stress. This disease is considered to be the most terrible of all diseases. Therefore, we should always use those measures so that our stress is reduced a little bit. The best therapy to reduce stress is to stay calm and follow Yoga asana. You can practice Viparita Karani asana to reduce stress. Today, I will tell you all the steps through which you can practice this yoga easily. When you start practicing it you will definitely benefit from it. Let us now begin the practice of Viparita Karani Yoga.

Pros and Cons of Eating Saunf ( Fennel Seeds)

Pros and Cons of Consuming Fennel Seeds - Friends, in today's article we will discuss the Pros and Cons of Eating Saunf. If we want to live a healthy life, then we should learn to use kitchen items. Do you know that there are so many domestic herbs in your kitchen, all of which can cure all your diseases? Friends, one of these household ingredients is fennel seeds. This is a very beneficial thing. If you eat it after eating, then your teeth never decay. It also treats the smell of your mouth. Friends, you may have noticed, after eating food in many hotels, sugar and fennel are given. Have you ever wondered why people do this, because if we eat saunf after eating, then our food gets digested quickly? Let us now read the advantages and disadvantages of eating saunf. Science of Fennel Seeds- Friends, the fennel is one such herb that is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of various diseases. As I told you above, in our country saunf is eaten after eating. Now let me tell you its scie

5 yoga asanas for Badminton Players

5 yoga asanas for Badminton- Friends, if you play or want to play badminton, then you should do some warm-up exercises. We should warm up because if we do not do warm-up then we are at the risk of getting hurt. Badminton is a sport in which our whole body is stressed. In this game, we feel the thrust of our arms, legs, thighs, shoulder, and back. If you are an expert in badminton or a beginner you must do some stretches or yoga postures. You will get many benefits by doing asanas such as strengthening your leg and hand muscles. In the game of badminton, our muscles should be strong, only then we can last a long time in this game. The concentration of the player is a must in the game of badminton. Doing yoga increases our focus and concentration. guys, so we must practice yoga. Because yoga practice will improve very well in our game. Come on guys, now I will tell you 5 yoga asanas for Badminton Player. Which all badminton players should do. List of Yoga asanas- 1) Padhastasana – Fri

Parighasana Steps, Benefits, and Disadvantages

Hello Friends, Welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today, I will tell you about the Parighasana steps, benefits, and disadvantages. Friends, Parighasana is an advanced level yoga. It is known as Gate Pose in English. In this posture, our body looks like a gate that is why this posture is also known as Gate pose. This posture is very beneficial for your Thigh, Love Handle, and Shoulder. This asana helps a lot in the muscle growth of your body. By doing regular practice, your lungs start getting stronger and you never have any problem of breath. Friends, you should practice basic yoga before doing this pose. If you do not practice basic yoga, you may have difficulty doing this asana. There may be a strain on your body or there may be an injury in your body. Therefore, you should first focus on the practice of basic yoga and only then you should move towards advanced yoga. One more thing, if you have ever had a serious injury before, avoid this yoga because it may not harm you but can harm yo

3 best dumbbell shoulder exercises at Home

Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises- Friends, if you are reading this article then you will be 100% interested in exercise.  Most of you will be working and you will not have time to go to the gym. So friends, don't worry, I will bring such workouts for all of you, which you can do at home. Practice these exercises will keep your body fit. In this series of workouts, today we will learn the 3 best dumbbell shoulder exercises. Friends, today I will cover shoulder exercises which will make your shoulders strong and your body will look attractive. Shoulder Workouts at Home- Friends, first we try to understand the texture of the shoulder. Our shoulder is made up of 3 muscles, which we call Deltoids. The front muscles of the shoulder, we call Anterior Deltoids which are also called front delt. The middle section of the shoulder is called lateral deltoids or middle delt. The back of the shoulder is called posterior deltoids or rear delts. To give good shape to the shoulders, we should train al