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Kurmasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today, I will tell you about kurmasana steps benefits, and precautions. Kurmasana is an Advance level Yoga practice. This asana provides flexibility to your body. Inside this pose, your body looks like a tortoise, due to which it is a bit difficult for the beginner. This asana makes your waist, hips, shoulders, neck everything flexible and strong. Due to the yoga of advanced level, this pose helps in building your muscles. Why don't you have any kind of joint pain, this asana helps in removing all your pains. This asana also plays a major role in weight loss. By doing this asana, your metabolism rate increases. Because of this, your food is digested quickly and your weight loss starts. That is why you must practice this pose. Let us now understand about kurmasana in detail. Kurmasana Meaning - Kurmasana is an Advance level yoga pose. In this pose, your hands are spread from under your thigh in such a way that the position of your body

Waist exercises for females: Top 5 Workouts

Photo by  Cliff Booth  from  Pexels Waist exercises for females- Nowadays all women are unhappy with their waist size. Today, I will explain some Waist exercises for females . After doing this, the waist of the females will become slim. Earlier people used to think that the problem of love handles is only for women. But now it is not so, man is also suffering from this problem. In this article, we will do some workouts that will make your body strong and flexible and also slims your waist. Exercises to shrink waist- Stand at a distance of 2 feet between your legs.   Your stomach should be straight. Pull the muscles of both legs and also pull the cap of both your knees. Give rest to the hands. Now while breathing, raise both hands upwards. Hold the fingers of both hands in each other. While exhaling, fold the palms upwards. Now you have to lean towards the straight hand as much as you can. Now you start feeling the strain on the waist of the left hand. And on the Right hand, you will fe

Kapotasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends and welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today, I will tell you about kapotasana steps benefits, and precautions. Friends, kapotasana which we also know by the name of pigeon pose is an advanced level yoga. This pose does stretching of your overall body. You should practice this asana regularly. If you practice this pose regularly, you will benefit mentally and physically a lot. kapotasana makes all joints of our body flexible and strong. This mainly reduces the extra fat accumulated on your body. Before practicing this pose, you should make a command over basic postures like trikonasana, balasana, and chakrasana. Because if you practice this posture directly, then your body will be affected wrongly, you may get hurt. Therefore, we have to make our body flexible first and only then do this posture practice. Let's understand about kapotasana in detail now. Kapotasana Meaning- In English Kapotasana, is well known as pigeon pose. This is an Inverted yoga pose in which we inv

Yoga for knee pain in old age: Top 5 poses for arthritis

Yoga for knee pain in old age- Many old people are suffering from knee pain. In today's article, we will learn Yoga for knee pain in old age.  These yoga poses will strengthen your leg muscles, but also increases their flexibility as a result you will get relief from the knee pain. lets we Start our today's topic yoga for knee pain in old age. Yoga poses for strengthening knees- Let's start with our first asanas which are utthita Trikonasana. Trikonasana yoga for knee pain in old age- To do this asana maintain a decent gap between your legs. The gap should be more than 3 feet. Directed your left leg toe towards the left wall and keep your Hips straight. Breathe in, your hand should be in a row with the shoulder. Breathe out, and twist your torso on your left-hand side. Keep in mind, your chest should be open. Bend comfortably as possible as can. Keep note that both your knees are pulled up. Don't lock your knee cap, keep them straight. If you feel this your limit then s

Ardha Chakrasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Namaskar friends, welcome back to Natural Health Tips. Today we will talk about Ardha Chakrasana steps benefits and precautions. Friends, Ardha Chakrasana is a simple and easy pose than Chakrasana. This is much easier to do than Chakrasana. During the Chakrasana, we have to bend our entire waist, which we feel very much trouble in doing. But in Ardha Chakrasana, we do not have to bend our entire waist. This is why it is very easy to posture. This pose helps you a lot even if you have stiffness in the waist or back pain. It helps a lot in reducing problems like back pain, shoulder pain. It controls the blood sugar level, improves your metabolism rate, and is very helpful in reducing your lower body fat. This is one of the best asanas for weight loss. While doing this pose we bend our upper body half backward. Which puts stress on our upper body and lower back and gives a great benefit to our body. Let us now understand in detail about Ardha Chakrasana. Ardha Chakrasana Meaning- Ardha Ch

Floor exercise for weight loss: Top 3 Exercises

Floor exercise for weight loss: In this article, we will practices 3 Floor exercises for weight loss. These exercises will help those who are suffering from massive weight gain problems. Through today's article, we will learn 3 Top exercise, which is very beneficial for your whole body. This workout makes your shoulders, thighs, legs, stomach, and overall muscles strong and flexible. You must follow these workouts on daily basis, you will get a good result soon. Let's do the first Exercise. Simple workout for weight loss- To do this exercise, first, stand on the edge of the mat. Inhale and with the exhale take your left leg tail end. You can take it in the deep long run. Inhale, press your palm against each other in the Namaste position. With the exhale turn your torso toward your right side. Inhale again. And with an exhale place your left elbow outward of your right knee and your right elbow facing upward. Instead of the sinking of your chest, engage it, and then deepen you

Anantasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, you are welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today we will learn Anantasana Steps Benefits and Precautions. We also know Anantasana by the name of sleeping Vishnu pose. This is an advanced sleeping balancing yoga. In this asana, we stretch our legs. This asana reduces the fat of your hamstrings, thighs, and hips. In simple words, It makes your leg muscle flexible and strong. Friends, this pose is very simple, but its benefits are very high. This yoga is very popular due to its health benefits. When we practice this yoga, our body is perfectly situated and we appear to be resting like Lord Vishnu. For this reason, it is also known as the sleeping Vishnu pose. This pose also helps in ending your stomach related diseases, so why should you have any type of stomach related diseases. This asana helps you to eliminate them. Let us now read in detail about Anantasana. Anantasana Meaning- Anantasana is a simple and advanced level yoga. In this asana, the state of our body seems to be