List of Aerial yoga poses: What is Aerial yoga?

List of Aerial yoga poses
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List of Aerial yoga poses-

If you are a yoga lover then you must have heard the name Aerial Yoga. Yes, today's topic is what is aerial yoga and the list of aerial yoga poses.

If you have come to this page, you will have many questions in your mind. Like how aerial yoga is different from simple yoga.

How antigravity Yoga can benefit our bodies. What are the different aerial yoga poses names?
Don't worry, you've come to the right place. Today, I will answer all your questions one by one.

Today's topic will answer various questions.
What is aerial yoga?
Types of an antigravity yoga pose?
What benefits of Aerial yoga?

Are you excited to go on a beautiful antigravity posture journey?

What is Aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga, which we also know by the name of antigravity yoga.
There is not much difference between antigravity yoga and mat yoga. In antigravity yoga, we all do asanas with the help of a silk hammock.

This silk hammock is hung from the roof, on which we all practice various postures of yoga.
By doing yoga in the air, our body becomes strong and flexible. The best part is that this yoga practice puts less stress on our shoulders, waist, and torso.

For practicing Antigravity Yoga, we need to have good balance and coordination.

In simple words, aerial yoga is a Pilates in which we perform various postures of yoga with the help of silk cloth.

Types of Antigravity poses-

Today I will tell you about 10 aerial yoga poses.

1) Warrior pose-

To do this mudra, we will make 2 loops of silk cloth.
Now we will put both our feet in the loop. And try to stand. A lot of balance and coordination is required to perform this asana.
Now you try to come in a warrior pose. If you do not know how to do a warrior pose, then bend your knees with straight legs and keep both hands in the direction of the shoulders.
Your gaze should be directly on the arm.

2) Pigeon pose-

It is similar to Vajrasana. To perform this pose, wrap both legs in the hammock and try to sit in the position of Vajrasana.
Remember that the back should be straight and both hands should be on the knees

3) Inverted pigeon pose-

It is similar to the pigeon pose. But guess, what is different in this. You have to do this posture in reverse.
You will wrap the cloth on your feet and after that, you will spin yourself towards the earth.
Now your head is towards the ground. You will now try to get yourself back into a staple pose.
Continuous practice of this asana makes both your spine and thighs strong and flexible.

4) Aerial Splits Pose-

This is a very good pose, you must have done the mat split.
Today I will teach you aerial split. You have to wrap both of your legs in the hammock. After that, slowly have to split your feet in the air.
Hold the hammock with your hands to control the split.
This pose makes your legs flexible.

5) Superman pose-

This is called Superman Pose because in this you appear in the position of flying like Superman.
Make a big loop of fabric and with the help of this loop balance your lower body and grab the second silk cloth with both hands to balance the upper body.

6) One-legged superman pose-

To do this posture one has to keep one leg in the loop and the other leg in the air.
To balance your body, you have to hold the other end of the fabric with both hands.
Balance is needed to perform these asanas properly.

7) Bow pose-

Let's sit on the hammock first. Then, tilt your body backward from near the waist.
Now hold the ankle with both your hands. Your chest should be open.
There should be a constant breath exchange.
Stayed in this state for some time.

8) Aerial Star pose-

In this pose, silk cloth is wrapped on the thighs. Now you have to try to open both your arms and legs.
In this state, you look like a star. This yoga asana corrects your spine and body posture.

9) Inverted Star pose-

It is exactly like a star pose but in this, we shift our position toward the ground.
We place both our hands on the ground so that we can support our bodies.

10) Arrow pose-

Inside this pose, we stand upright but in the opposite direction.
Silk wrap on both of your thighs.
Now you have to turn in the opposite direction. In this direction, you will be standing in a cautious state.
This yoga pose is a panacea for your brain.


1) This Pilates pose helps in making your body strong and flexible.
2) With regular practice of antigravity yoga poses, your torso, shoulders, and legs are all strengthened.
3) All these diseases like back pain, breathing problems, and depression are corrected by these postures.
5) These asanas help our body to burn calories.

List of Aerial Yoga Pose-related questions and answers -

Q1) Can you do aerial yoga at home?

Ans- Yes, you can but you have to complete the complete training in Aerial Yoga first.

Q2) Does yoga make you skinny?

Ans- No, if you take a good diet along with yoga then you will not be skinny.

Q3) Which yoga is best for beginners?

Ans- Bhujangasana, Vajrasana, and Balasana yoga are suitable for beginners

Q4) Does Ariel Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Ans - Yes, if you do Daily Aerial Yoga then you can easily lose weight.

Q5) Does Aerial Yoga Increase Your Body's Flexibility?

Ans - Yes, Aerial Yoga increases the flexibility of your body.

Q6) Does Aerial Yoga Makes Your Body Tone and Strong?

AnS- Yes, This Yoga Definitely Helps you to lose weight and make your body tone and strength. 

Q7) Should Pregnant Women do this pose?

Ans- No, Pregnant women should avoid this yoga pose.

Q8) What types of yoga are aerial?

Ans - Aerial is a pose performed from a hammock.

My view on the List of aerial yoga poses-

In today's article, I have tried to cover all the topics.
Antigravity yoga is a new type of Pilates. These posters are helping us to make our bodies strong and shapely.
I hope that with the help of my article, you will be able to teach anti-gravity yoga. You can also practice yoga at your home.
But this is my advice. You should practice Pilates under the supervision of a yoga instructor.
Hope you succeed in your campaign.

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