Best Tomato juice recipe for weight loss

Tomato juice recipe for weight loss

Tomato juice recipe for weight loss-

Friends, I will tell you the tomato juice recipe for weight loss today.

Are you excited?

Guys, today I am going to inform you about the benefits of tomatoes.

Tomato is a vegetable found in every household. Without tomatoes, you cannot expect to taste in any recipe.

In all recipes, we use tomatoes for sourness. We use tomatoes in all types of recipes.

Friends, you eat tomatoes with great fervor, do you know that tomatoes have many benefits.

Today, I will show you the benefits of tomato juice and other tomato products.

Friends, do you know that you can also lose weight with tomato juice, you may not believe it but it is true.

There is a lot of vitamin C and fiber inside the tomato which increases the speed of our metabolism.

Which helps us to lose weight.

Let me now tell you how to make juice from tomatoes.

How to make Tomato Juice recipe for weight loss-

There are some simple steps to make a tomato juice recipe.

1) First of all, put some fresh tomatoes in a bowl.

2) In the next step, remove the peel on top of the tomato.

3) Now put the tomatoes in the juicer and crush them. Except for the juice, set aside the remaining waste.

4) Now simple tomato juice is ready in front of you. You can add salt and spices according to your taste.

5) Now you can take this healthy tomato juice.

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How to make tomato smoothie for weight loss-

Friends, I will now teach you how to make tomato smoothies.

tomato smoothie recipe-

1) First of all, you should take 4,5 tomatoes.

2) Now cut these tomatoes into small pieces.

3) Take a juice jar and add some ice cubes to it.

4) Now in the jar, add chopped tomatoes

5) Add salt and sugar as per your taste.

6) Turn on the juicer and crush the tomatoes.

7) Your smoothie is ready, now you can take the smoothie by applying toppings as per your taste.

How to make tomato soup for weight loss-

The steps for making tomato soup are as follows

1) First of all, chop 250 grams of tomatoes into small pieces.

2) Pour the ghee into a pan and heat it.

3) Now add ginger and garlic and stir them till they turn light brown.

4) add tomatoes and chilies.

5) Add salt and heat the mixture for a long time.

6) Turn off the gas and let the mixture cool.

7) Now put the mixture in a juicer and crush it.

8) Now put this mixture in the pan again and add some water.

9) Now you start heating the mixture again and add salt and sugar as per taste.

10) After heating for 3 to 4 minutes, add a cornflour mixer to it.

11) Boil for 1 to 2 minutes and your healthy weight loss soup is ready.

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Tomato benefits for weight loss-

Friends, I will tell you some benefits of tomatoes which you should need to know.

1) Tomato is very beneficial for our skin because it contains a substance called lycopene which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun.

2) Tomato is very beneficial for your bone because it contains vitamin K and calcium which help in repairing bones.

3) Tomatoes are high in vitamin A and lycopene which helps in improving your eye light.

4) Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and iron, which prevents hair loss and help to grow new hair.

5) Tomato is very beneficial for diabetes patients. Tomatoes contain very few carbohydrates that maintain sugar levels.

6) If you eat tomatoes daily, then you are at least the risk of getting cancer.

7) By consuming tomatoes you can lose weight very quickly because it contains very little fat and it makes your metabolism fast so that you lose weight fast.

8) Tomatoes have an antioxidant called lycopene which helps you sleep well.

9) Tomatoes are rich in potassium, which ends the problem of high BP and heart disease.

The disadvantage of the tomato Recipe-

1) Excess consumption of tomatoes can cause gas problems.

2) Tomatoes are high in fiber, so you have more chances of getting stones.

3) Tomatoes are very high in sodium and we know that sodium is an acid, so you have a lot of chance of getting acidity.

4) Due to the high amount of lycopene, you may have stomach pain and diarrhea.

5) There are some substances in tomatoes that slow down digestion and the smell of sweat starts.

Final thoughts on Tomato juice recipe for weight loss-

Friends, today we have learned a lot about tomatoes. I have tried to learn how you can lose weight with tomato juice and other recipes.

Hope you liked the article.

Today we have learned the Tomato juice recipe for weight loss.

Questions and answers related to Tomato Juice -

Q1)- Will tomato juice help you lose weight?

Ans - Yes, it is helpful in weight loss because it has Nutrients that improve our metabolism Rate.

Q2)- Does tomato juice burn belly fat?

Ans - Tomato is Enriched in Fiber which helps in reducing the excessive fat from Belly.

Q3)- Is it OK to drink tomato juice at night?

Ans - Yes, Because it is a healthy drink that helps to improve your health.

Q4) Can tomato juice help you lose weight?

Ans - Yes, if you do it even for 2 days a week, then your weight loss starts.

Q5 ) How much tomato juice should you drink a day?

Ans You should consume at least 1 cup of Tomato Juice a day.

Q6) Should we drink Daily Tomato Juice?

Ans - Friends, for this you have to decide after consulting your doctor.

Q7) When Should I Drink Tomato Juice For Weight Loss?

Ans - We Should Drink Tomato Juice in the Morning To Loss Weight Quickly.

Q8) Can I drink tomato juice every day?

Ans - Yes, you can consume it is good for your health.

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