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Mayurasana benefits and precautions || Peacock Pose Steps

Mayurasana benefits and precautions

Mayurasana benefits and precautions-

Nowadays a trend is going on among the boys. They need strong and firm shoulders and the forearms should look strong and muscular.

To fulfill this desire, they spend 5 to 6 hours in the gym. In the early days, they work hard but when the results are not found, they give up exercise.

Some boys get results but they do not last long and their shoulders and forearms again become the same.

Many boys get shoulder and hand injuries. The knot comes out in someone's hand because they exercise in the wrong way.

Today, I will tell you a yogic way that if you do it every day, then you will get permanent strong shoulders and forearms.

This yogic posture is Mayurasana. Today we will read Mayurasana benefits and precautions in detail.

Basic Knowledge of Mayurasana-

English Meaning-          Peacock Pose

Hindi Meaning-             मयूरासन

Sanskrit Meaning-     Mayurasana

It is composed of Two Vedic Words

Mayur-   Peacock

Asana-    Pose

Hence it is known as mayurasana (Peacock Pose).

It is an ancient Vedic pose. A long time ago Rishi Muni does this yoga to fit himself.

It is basically hand yoga. In this yoga, we focus the weight of our entire body on both our hands. In this yoga, we balance our body in the air

How to do Peacock Pose-

Preparatory pose-

In this yoga there is more chance of injury in the hands, so we must first warm up our entire body.

To warm up we can do a plank, push-ups, tadasana, and trikonasana.

Peacock Pose Steps-

1) First of all, Sit on your knees. Your Hips weight should be on your heels.

2) Now I will teach you how you place your hand on the ground. Place your hand like that your finger should indicate towards your knee.

3) Your hand should be at 90 degrees. Now bend your hand from the elbow.

4) Your elbows should touch your stomach. Now connect your torso with the back of the biceps.

5) Now touch your head on the ground.

6) Put your entire body weight on your forearms, elbow, and biceps.

7) Using the strength of your hands, you try to bring your body in the air.

8) Now balance your body in the air

9) Your body should be in the air from head to feet. You will be parallel to the ground in this posture.

10) Remain in this pose for at least 30 seconds. Then slowly release this pose.

Follow up Poses-

1) Naukasana

2) Bhujangasana

3) Dhanurasana

Peacock Pose Beginners Tips-

This yoga falls under the category of advanced yoga. This is very difficult to do. But constant practice will make you successful in it.

If you are doing this yoga for the first time then it will be difficult to stay in the air. For this, you put both your legs on the ground and try to rise up slowly.

Secondly, you can do this, you can put support under your feet so that you can slowly learn to make the balance in the air.


Beginner -  Up to 30 seconds

Intermediate - Between 30 to 60 seconds

Expert - More than 60 seconds

Mayurasana Variations-

1) Pincha Mayurasana-

In this yoga pose, you place your hand on the ground from palm to elbow and lift your leg in the air to 90 degrees.

2) Wounded Peacock-

It is also called one-handed mayurasana.In this position is a similar peacock pose but we make balance our body on a single hand. other the hand is placed on our thighs.

3) Padma Mayurasana-

It is a combination of padmasana and mayurasana. We fold both legs when we are in the air.

Mayurasana Benefits-

1) Our digestive system is greatly accelerated by the practice of Mayurasana.

2) This pose strengthens our liver, small intestine, large intestine, and intensifies their function.

3) This asana helps in creating coordination between mind and body.

4) This pose strengthens the whole body's muscles. This pose helps to increase the stamina of the body.

5) This pose helps men to grow big shoulders and forearms muscles.

6) This asana purifies the blood. Due to which there is no blood and skin-related disease.

7) This asana is considered very good for women because it makes their skin glow and does not cause old age.

8) This asana helps in developing a mental concentration in children.

9) Hair loss, hair dryness, all problems also go away.

10) Gas disease, Piles disease, indigestion disease all get away from this pose.

Peacock Pose Precautions-

1) While doing this asana, take special care that you have to put the weight of your entire body equally on the forearms, elbows, biceps, and abdomen.

2) Do not put the weight of the entire body on your hands or else there is a fear of wrist injury.

3) If we practice it incorrectly, then we get lumps in our hands.

4) Do this yoga pose according to the strength of your body.

5) This person should not do this yoga.

Pregnant women, High Bp Patient, Hernia patients, and people have neck and shoulder pain.

Last words on mayurasana benefits and precautions-

In the category of advanced yoga, today we have understood Mayurasana in detail. Guys like I already told you. This is an advanced yoga pose.

This yoga pose is a special benefit for men. Those who want a good and attractive body must definitely do a peacock pose.

Today we have read mayurasana benefits and precautions.


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