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Natarajasana Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, today's article is going to be a bit special because through today's post, we are going to learn the most potent yoga Natarajasana.

Friends, first of all, we try to understand what is the Natarajasana benefit and Precautions.

Friends, your position in this posture is like the Nataraja form of Lord Shiva. This is a back-bending pose.

Being a back-bending pose, it is very beneficial for your waist. In this posture, your waist becomes very much twisted, due to which your waist becomes flexible.

This pose helps in making your body very flexible. It makes all the organs from your thigh to your shoulder strong.

Let us now read in detail about Natarajasana.

What is Natarajasana?-

Friends, this pose is named after Nataraja, one of the many names of Lord Shiva. It is also called the Lord of Dance pose.

When Lord Shiva is very happy or angry then he starts dancing, that dance of his is called Nataraja.

Natarajasana is made up of a combination of 2 words.

Nataraja - dance

Asana - pose

When we add these 2 words, then a dance pose is formed.

How to pronounce Natarajasana in Hindi, English, and Sanskrit.

Hindi- नटराजासन

English - Dance pose

Sanskrit – Natarajasana

How to do Dance Pose-

Preparatory pose-

1) Tadasana

2) Padhastasana

3) Garland Pose

Natarajasana Steps-

To do this pose, we will follow some important steps.

1) In the first step, you stand in the Tadasana posture.

2) Now bend your right leg with your knees.

3) Hold your toe with your right hand.

4) Now slowly raise your leg upwards, your right hand will support your leg to stay in the air. As you can see in the image.

5) Now raise your left hand to the parallel of your shoulder.

6) Keep in mind that your hips should be forward and your stomach should be like inside.

7) Try to spend as much time as possible in this position.

8) Try to release this posture carefully.

9) Similarly, you perform this pose for the left leg.

10) Remember that you will keep breathing in and out properly. 

Follow Up poses-

1) Bhujangasana

2) Trikonasana

3) Naukasana

Lord of Dance Pose Duration-

For Beginners-      10 -15 seconds is enough

For Intermediate-   30-40 seconds

Expert-                      1-2 minutes

Natarajasana Variations-

1) Dancer pose with Chair

2) Hammock Natarajasana

3) Dancer poses handwheel

Beginner Tips-

Friends, if you are doing natarajasana for the first time, you may have a lot of trouble making a balance.

Keeping this problem in mind, I am telling you 2 solutions

In the first solution, you have to practice that posture first so that you can learn to balance.

In another solution, you can practice with the help of a chair or any support.

Natarajasana Benefits-

1) Regular practice of this posture increases your concentration power. Those children who are complaining of weak memory must do this pose.

2) This asana strengthens your waist, thigh, ankle, and spine.

3) Regular practice of the dancer pose makes your body flexible and your body starts turning like rubber.

4) This pose helps you in weight loss, as regular exercise improves your metabolism rate.

5) When we do this asana, then our lungs expand, due to which your asthma problem also starts to end slowly.

6) This posture helps you learn to balance. Because when we practice it, then our focus is concentrated only on one point.

7) This asana reduces stress and calms your mind. Helps to eliminate depression and anxiety

8) By doing this pose, blood circulation improves, which ends all skin-related diseases.

Natarajasana Contraindication-

1) While doing this asana, you have to learn the balancing pose first so that you don't get hurt while posing.

2) Do not practice this asana if you have cervical pain.

3) Pay special attention while doing this pose as you may have a slipped disc problem due to a slight lapse.

4) Pregnant women do not practice this pose because it harms them.

5) High BP, even a person suffering from a hernia problem should not Practice this pose.

Final words on Natarajasana Benefits and Precautions-

Friends, this pose is very beneficial for those who have a problem with weak memory.

Through this asana we learn balancing due to which our concentration power becomes very high.

 Natarajasana is very good for people who have stiff bodies because this posture makes your whole body flexible.

Hope you liked Natarajasana Benefits and Precautions.

Questions and answers related to Natarajan -

Q1) What are the benefits of Natarajasana?

Ans- Friends, the best benefit of Natarajan asana is that it accelerates the power of your brain and makes your muscles flexible and strong.

Q2) How do you feel after performing Natarajasana?

Ans - After doing Natarajanasana your mind will be relaxed and your body feels good.

Q3) What is the name of the lying down asana?

Ans - Friends, lying down pose name is Shavasana.

Q4) How can Natarajasana be improved?

Ans- By doing Natarajasana with Regular Practice and Consistency, this pose will gradually start improving.

Q5 ) Which Asana is related to God?

Ans- Natarajasana is said to be associated with God's asana.

Q6) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans- No, this is an advanced-level pose, so pregnant women should avoid this pose.

Q7) What is the Meaning of Natrajasana?

Ans - Natrajasana is Known as the Lord of the dance pose basically it is a modern-day advanced-level yoga pose.

Q8) What are the contraindications for Dancer Pose?

Ans - People who have Lower Back Injuries should avoid this pose.

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