Yoga Poses For Bigger Hips And Thighs

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, today we will tell you about Yoga Poses for Bigger Hips and Thighs.

Friends, you must have seen models and celebrities, you will be very much influenced by their body appearance.

The models' body is curvy and fit, their stomach is inside and their hips, and thighs are in perfect shape.

You must also be thinking about how can you make such a body. Meaning that you can make your hips bigger and thighs curvy.

You can also use exercises to enlarge the hips and thighs.

But in exercise, you have to spend more effort, time, and energy.

Which remains a little difficult for the common man and woman. That's why you should move towards yoga.

Because yoga saves both your time and effort and gives you results very quickly.

In today's post, we are going to share with you some top-class yoga exercises, following which you will be able to make your stomach inside.

This pose plays a very important role in enlarging your thighs and hips.

Yoga Poses For Bigger Hips And Thighs

Yoga Asana For Bigger Thighs and Hips –

Now I am Sharing with you the top 5 Yoga Poses that will shape your Hips and Thighs 

1) Malasana –

Malasana is known as Garland Pose in English. This is a hip-opener pose.

In this pose, we are in the squat position, due to which there is stress on the muscles of our hips and thighs.

This pose tones up the muscles of our hip and thigh, which makes our lower body attractive.

If you practice this pose daily, then it helps a lot in making your body shape attractive.

2) Baddha Konasana –

The name of our second pose is Baddha Konasana. This pose is known as Butterfly Pose or Bound Angle Pose in English.

This pose is a medium-level pose and also falls under the category of a sitting pose.

In this pose, the muscles of our thighs and hips are well-trained. If you practice this pose regularly, then your body gets in good shape very quickly.

3) Frog Pose – 

Today's name of our third yoga pose is Bhekasana. This pose is known as the Frog Pose in English.

Frog Pose is a Forward Lying Pose. In this pose, our body is on the ground on the stomach.

In this pose, our hips, thighs, ankles, back, etc. are well-trained. This pose plays a great role in enlarging your hips, thighs

4) Utkatasana –

Utkatasana is also known as Chair Pose or Kursiasana. This is also a more effective pose.

In this pose, along with the lower part of our body, the shoulders, and ankles are also strengthened.

In this pose, our body looks like a chair, due to which there is a good effect on our hips and thighs.

This pose helps to make your body shape beautiful

5) Ustrasana – 

The name of our last pose today is Ustrasana, which we also know as Camel Pose.

This pose is also an effective pose, this pose is also known as the backward bend pose.

In this pose, the shape of our body becomes attractive and the extra fat from our hips and thighs is reduced, due to which our body looks beautiful. 

Question And Answer Related to Yoga Pose 

Q1) Which yoga increases hip size?

Ans - Friends, if you do bridge pose then the size of your hip starts increasing.

Q2) How can yoga make your hips wider?

Ans - Friends, if you do Malasana or Konasana, then your hips start getting wider.

Q3) Does frog pose increase hip size?

Ans - Yes, the Frog pose increases the size of your hip.

Q4) How to increase the hip size through yoga?

Ans - If you follow some special yoga mentioned above then your hip size increases very fast.

Final words on Yoga Poses For Bigger Hips And Thighs –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post Yoga Poses For Bigger Hips And Thighs to a great extent.

Today we have read about top yoga poses that make your body shape attractive as well as enlarge your hips and thighs.

If you practice these yoga poses daily then you will start getting benefits very soon.

Hope you have got to learn something new from today's post, if today there is a difference in your knowledge then leave a comment on the post.

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