New vrikshasana steps, benefits and precautions

vrikshasana steps, benefits and precautions

Vrikshasana steps, benefits and precautions-

We all wake up in the morning and think we will do yoga today. But we do not understand which yoga to begin with.

We watch 5,000 videos and read many articles but are unable to decide which yoga will be right for us.

After today's article, your problem must be solved, which yoga you should start with.

After reading Today's article, I hope you will be engaged in yoga practice from tomorrow itself.

Today the exercise I will tell you about is called vrikshasana, it is very beneficial and the best exercise to start yoga.

Today, I will explain to you vrikshasana steps, benefits, and precautions very closely and deeply.


English Name -     Tree Pose

Hindi Name -        वृक्षासन

Sanskrit Name-   Vrikshasana

It is composed of two words

Vriksh -   Tree

Asana-     Pose

That’s why it is called sometimes a Tree pose.

It is a standing posture. In this, a person puts both his hands upwards and one leg is placed on the knees of the other leg.

How to do Tree pose Yoga-

Preparatory pose-

1) You should do your waist stretching before doing this yoga.

2) You should also do trikonasana, navasana, bhujangasana.


1) First, you stand up straight and maintain an equal distance between your legs.

2) Now take a deep breath and raise your hands upward towards the sky.

3) Join the palm of both hands and make a namaskar position in the air.

4) Your face and spine should be straight.

5)  now lift your right leg and bend from the knee.

6) Place the foothill of your right leg on the knee of the left leg.

7) Spend time as much as possible and take a continuous breath.

8) Slowly release from the position and repeat the same process for another leg.

Follow up poses-

1) Chakrasana

2) Bhujangasana

3) Uttanasana

4) Shavasana

Beginners Tips-

The biggest problem in doing this asana is in maintaining body balance. When we stick one foot on the other leg, then we are not able to stand for long.

So first of all, we should not keep the feet on the knees and keep the feet slightly below. When we become comfortable in this situation we can slowly bring our feet up.

Duration -

Beginner - Should do less than 30 seconds

Intermediate - Between 30 to 60 seconds

Expert - more than 60 seconds

Tree pose Variations-

1) Tree Pose Holding Onto Chair-

In this, we use a chair and place one hand on it. The main reason we use a chair is to maintain balance.

2) Tree Pose Foot Chair-

In this, We put one leg and one hand on the chair.

3) Tree Pose Aerial-

In this yoga, we are standing on a hammock and doing vrikshasana.

4 )Vrikshasana baby-

In this, we hold a baby with our hands and only bend one leg.

5)Both feet on the ground Tree pose-

In this, our feet are on the ground and we raise our hands upwards.

Vrikshasana Benefits-

1) This pose is beneficial for our knees. It increases the strength of our knees and cures diseases like arthritis and joint pain problems.

2) This asana corrects our shoulder, neck, and body posture.

3) This pose improves concentration and reduces anxiety and stress problems.

4) This pose strengthens your ankles and flexible your hips muscles.

5) This Is a full-body workout yoga. It stretches the muscles from head to toe.

6) It cures vein, knee, and heel pain problems.

7) This asana is very good for body balance and also cures sciatica problems.

Tree Pose Precautions-

1) The person who has a migraine, Headache, and High blood pressure problem, should avoid this pose.

2) This asana creates complications for pregnant women.

3) If you have knee, spine, neck, and cervical problems. Do not do this pose.

4) If you have severe knee and hip injuries, please stay away from this pose.

5) Do not Make extra efforts if you are a beginner, it will cause serious injury to your body.

6) Do the pose as long as your body allows.

7) If you have insomnia and hernia problems then do not do this pose.

Questions and answers related to Vrikshasana -

Q1) Does vrikshasana increase height?

Ans- Yes, if a teenager does vrikshasana, then his height starts increasing.

Q2) When and for how long should one do vrikshasana?

Ans- Friends, you should do vrikshasana in the morning and for 50 seconds.

Q3) What are the benefits of doing vrikshasana?

Ans- Friends, Vrikshasana makes your body flexible and strong.

Q4) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans - No, pregnant women should not do this pose.

Q5) What precautions should be taken while doing the vrikshasana pose?

Ans - While doing this pose, you should not tighten your muscles, otherwise, there may be a problem with the hamstring.

Q6) Should Piles Patient do this pose?

Ans - No, Piles patients should avoid this pose because it causes a serious problem.

Q7) Will vrikshasana Improve Your Body Flexibility?

Ans - yes, if you continuously perform this pose then this will improve your flexibility.

Q8) What are the precautions of Vrikshasana?

Ans - If you have a back or spine injury then avoid this pose.

Conclusion of vrikshasana steps, benefits, and precautions-

This is a very good pose for beginners, by doing this asana, workouts are done for the whole body.

It is a very beneficial pose for foot and hand muscles. Its regular practice makes your body quite beautiful and attractive.

Today we have learned about vrikshasana steps, benefits, and precautions. Hope you like the post.

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