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Can we do 10 exercise for biceps?

Can we do 10 exercise for biceps

Friends, today we will try to give the answer to a query Can we do 10 exercises for biceps.

This is a very important question because a lot of people doing workouts have confusion about whether they should do 10 exercises together.

The answer to this question can be given keeping in mind many factors.

Now, we try to understand those factors. If you are a beginner, you should not exercise too many biceps workouts at once.

If you have been exercising for a while like 6 months or 8 months, then you should try some variations.

If you are a pro workout player, then you can do 10 bicep exercises in one day.

I will give further details in the article about the psychology of doing this.

Through today's article, we will try to understand the psychology of biceps exercise.

We will also try to know which 10 biceps exercises we should do.

Bicep workout routine-

Friends, now it comes to whether we should make a bicep Workout Routine.

The answer is yes because if you do the same exercise every day, your muscles will get tired and get injured.

Guys, the basic psychology of biceps workout is that if you have just started doing gym, you have to do all the exercises in a balanced way.

If you focus on only one exercise, then you may get hurt because your body is not ready to withstand so much stress.

If you Spend 1 year or 2 years in the gym, then you can apply the same exercise for a long time.

Because now your body needs extra stress so that it can grow.

So, friends, you should change your workout routine depending on the situation.

Best 10 exercise for biceps-

Friends, now you must have understood that when and how much we should bicep curl.

Now we try to know which one we should do 10 exercises.

1) Barbell Preacher Curl -

This exercise is very important for your bicep, it trains your middle bicep.

For this, you need support above which you will place your triceps and elbow.

You need a bar with which you will train your biceps.

Now you have to lift the bar, the distance between your hands should be equal.

Now slowly take the bar down and slowly bring the bar up. Remember you have to squeeze your biceps. You have to do at least 5 sets.

2) Dumbbell Preacher Curl-

To do this you will need an incline bench. You need a dumbbell according to your power.

Now place your right elbow and triceps on the bench properly. Now you have to drop and up the dumbbell properly. Remember you have to squeeze your biceps properly.

Similarly, train the left side well.

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3) Standing Barbell Curl -

This is a very basic exercise. This is one of the best exercises to strengthen your biceps.

To do this, all you need is a barbell. You hold the bar as far as the shoulder distance.

Now you have to bring the barbell up slowly, remember that you have to do a full range of motion.

Your biceps should be well squeezed. Now you have to slowly bring the barbell down.

Remember your motion must be in a controlled way.

4) Lying one Arm Cable curl -

You can do this workout in 2 ways. If you go to the gym, you can use the cross-cable machine there.

But if you are at home, then you will need strong elastic cable and rigid support.

You have to attach the cable to the rigid support and put a grip on the other end of the cable to hold it.

Now you lay down on the mat. And grab the cable such that your biceps have a stress feel at the peak.

Now gently bring your hand towards the shoulder, your biceps should be stressed on the inner, outer, and peak.

You have to train both hands at regular intervals.

5) Hammer dumbbell curl -

To perform this, you have to lift the dumbbell according to the capacity of your hands.

Now you have to bring the left-hand side dumbbell towards the right shoulder while doing full range of motion and slowly move back to the first position.

When your left hand comes to rest, you have to move the right-hand dumbbell to the left side.

Similarly, you have to do 12 reps.

6) 21 curl-

This is the best biceps curl to develop your peak.

To do this you first need a barbell. You have to hold the barbell according to your shoulder width.

We will divide this workout into 3 parts.

In the first set, we have to do 7 half lower side reps means you have to lift the dumbbell up to your chest.

Next 7 reps we'll do half-upper. This means that we have to do motion from our face to the chest.

And in the last 7 reps, we have to do full range motion.

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7) One Arm Concentration Curl-

To do this, you take a dumbbell in one hand and sit on a bench. Attach the elbow with your thigh to the bicep you want to train.

Now you have to do 10 to 15 reps keeping your bicep peak in mind.

8) Plate Curl -

This is the best curl, to train your left and right side. All you have to do is lift the barbell plate.

Remember, choose the plate according to your capacity. You have to control your movement with the help of your elbow and biceps.

You have to roll the plate up to the shoulder folding your elbow.

9) Incline Dumbbell Curl-

To perform this exercise you only need a pair of dumbbells and an Incline bench.

First, lay down on a bench and hold the pair of dumbbells. Now lift the right-hand side dumbbell, keeping the left-hand side at rest.

Slowly Drop the right-hand side dumbbell at the same time raise the left-hand side dumbbell.

Keep in mind that you should do a complete range of motion and squeeze of the biceps.

10) 21 curl using Dumbbell-

So far you have learned the 21 curls with the help of a barbell. But in this exercise, we will use a dumbbell.

You hold the dumbbell in your hands. Lift your chest and lift the dumbbell in both hands simultaneously.

Remember that the movement of your two hands should be the same at the top and bottom.

Final words on Can we do 10 exercises for biceps-

Friends, I have tried to explain today's article Can we do 10 exercises for biceps very well.

I have tried to tell you when you can do 10 bicep workouts and when you should not.

Hope you liked my article


Q1) How many exercises should I do for my biceps?

Ans - Friends, if you practice 2 to 3 variations once a week, then it is good for your biceps.

Q2) Which exercise is best for the biceps?

Ans - Friends, according to me barbell curl, concentration curl, and hammer curl are best for your biceps.

Q 3 ) Is 5 sets enough for biceps?

Ans - Yes, if you put 5 sets with full hard work and dedication, then it is enough for biceps.


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