How to do lolasana: Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

Lolasana Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

Hello friends, my name is Anoop Gupta and you are welcome on the health blog. Today I will tell you about Lolasana Steps, Benefits, and Precautions.

Friends, Lolasana is known as the pendulum pose in English. In this asana, your body position is like a pendulum mounted on a wall clock.

Your body hangs on your hand in the air. Which causes stress on your hand and your hand muscles grow.

In simple words, the best yoga pose for growing hand muscles is lolasana.

For this reason, it has been kept in the category of advanced yoga.

Friends, you have to gain muscles, but you do not have time to go to the gym, then do some practice of the yoga pose that I have mentioned.

This will greatly help in the flexibility of your whole body and in gaining your muscles.

You do not need any type of equipment to do these yoga poses.

All you have to do is practice this pose by making concentrating and meditating, in a short time you will start getting positive results.

Let us now know in detail about lolasana.

Lolasana Meaning –

Friends, as I already told you, lolasana is an advanced-level yoga pose.

In this yoga pose our entire body balances in the air and we use our hand muscles to create balance.

The English Meaning of Lolasana is pendulum pose. It is made up of a combination of 2 words.

Lol - pendulum

asana - pose

When we combine both words, pendulum pose.

It has various meanings in its various languages.

Hindi Meaning - लोलसना

English Meaning - pendulum pose

Sanskrit meaning - lolasana

Let us now learn how to do lolasana.

How to do Lolasana –

Preparatory Pose –

1) Tolasana

2) Shalabhasana

3) Naukasana

Steps –

1) First of all you have to sit on the mat in the posture of Vajrasana.

2) Your spine should be straight and your face should be forward.

3) Now you have to place your palm parallel to your shoulder and near the thigh.

4) Remember that your shoulders should not be closed, you keep them open.

5) Now you have to join the ankle and engage the core.

6) Now you have to press the palm above the ground and lift your body using your hand muscles.

7) When your body lifts in the air, try to balance it.

8) Remember you do not have to put too much stress on your hand.

9) For some time you have to lift your body and do normal breathing.

10) After some time, you have to bring the body slowly back to the ground.

Follow Up pose-

1) Kursiasana

2) Padhastasana

3) Kurmasana

Duration –

1) Beginners - 30 to 40 seconds

2) Medium – 40 to 60 seconds

3) Expert -    60 to 80 seconds

Variations –

1 ) Pendant Pose Blocks

2 ) Baby Crow Pose

3 ) Insect Pose

Beginner Tips –

Friends, this pose is very tough for beginners because it uses your hand muscles.

If you give more stress to your hand, then your muscles become more chance of tearing.

Therefore you should lift as slowly as possible and you should initially practice lifting with the help of blocks.

lolasana benefits-

1) This posture makes your hands and shoulder muscles grow.

2) In this asana, your core is engaged, due to which your stomach muscles grow.

3) By doing this posture, your abdominal organs are massaged.

4) This asana helps in eliminating any stomach-related disease from the root.

5) Gas, indigestion, and constipation eliminate all types of diseases from this pose.

6) This posture reduces the pain in your spine and neck muscles.

7) It helps to increase memory power and concentration.

8) It helps in reducing poses, anxiety, stress, and depression.

9) This posture improves your metabolic rate, which causes weight loss.

10) lolasana is the best yoga pose for muscle growth

Lolasana Precautions –

1) When you lift your body, do not put all the pressure on the hand, otherwise, the chances of getting an injury in the hand muscles increase.

2) You need to balance all your weight while doing a body lift.

3) Do not pose if you have knee and hip pain.

4) The patient with cervical and slipped discs should do this pose on the advice of a doctor.

5) Pregnant women should not posture.

Questions and answers related to Lolasana -

Q1) For how long should I do Lolasana Yoga?

Ans- You should do Lolasana yoga for 60 to 80 seconds.

Q2) What is the main advantage of Lolasana Yoga?

Ans- By doing Lolasana yoga, your abdominal muscles grow.

Q3) What is the English name of Lolasana?

Ans- Lolasana is known as Pendulum Pose in English.

Q4) How do I practice Lolasana?

Ans - You can do Lolasana by following the method mentioned above.

Q5) Can pregnant women do this pose?

Ans - No, pregnant women should not do this pose.

Q6) Can we this pose every day?

Ans-  Yes, You Can There is no side effect of it.

Q7) Best Time for this Pose?

Ans - You Can do this pose daily in the morning.

Q8) What is the English of lolasana

Lolasana is also known as Pendant Pose in English.

Final words on Lolasana's Steps, Benefits, and Precautions-

Friends, hope you have got to learn something new from today's post Lolasana Steps, Benefits, and Precautions.

Friends, this pose is best for people who want to build their body in less time and they do not have time to go to the gym.

This posture makes your body muscles proliferate. Therefore you should practice this posture regularly.

Guys, hope you liked today's post.

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