Ardha Dhanurasana Procedure Benefits and Precautions

Ardha Dhanurasana Procedure Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to the new chapter of Yoga. Today I will tell you about Ardha Dhanurasana Procedure Benefits and Precautions.

Friends, this yoga comes in the Preparatory Pose of Dhanurasana. This yoga is recommended to beginners so that their body becomes open.

It is difficult to do Dhanurasana in the beginning, so we have to first prepare our body for this yoga.

That's why most of the instructors first get practice Ardha Dhanurasana, after that, they get the practice of Dhanurasana done.

With this, the body of the student practicing Yoga should be prepared for the practice.

By doing this yoga, your body gets a lot of benefits. This pose increases the flexibility of your spine.

Regular practice reduces the fat of your lower abdomen, hip, and love handle.

There are some precautions that you should keep in mind while doing this yoga practice, which we will talk about later.

We will also read in detail about how to practice this yoga in this post. Now let's start this post.

What is Ardha Dhanurasana –

Ardha Dhanurasana is the main variation of Dhanurasana yoga. This yoga is known as Half Bow Pose in English.

This is an easy-level yoga practice. In this posture, we bend our left leg and hold the leg with the right hand.

This pose is mainly made up of a combination of 3 words.

Ardha - Half

Dhanur - Bow

Asana - Pose

When we add this word, Half Bow Pose is formed.

Meaning -

Hindi  - अर्ध धनुरासन 

English - Half Bow Pose

Sanskrit - Ardha Dhanurasana

Let us now start this yoga practice

Half Bow Pose Benefits –

1) By doing this yoga, the flexibility of your body increases.

2) This posture makes your spine strong and flexible.

3) By doing this yoga practice, your lower body fat starts decreasing.

4) This pose increases the flexibility of your hip muscles.

5) This pose improves your metabolism rate.

6) By doing this yoga, you do not have the problem of constipation.

7) This pose removes stress and anxiety.

8) This posture sharpens your mental power.

9) The flow of blood in the body is improved and the problem of the heart is removed.

10) Strengthens the shoulders, waist, and shoulders.

Ardha Dhanurasana Precautions –

1) You should be careful while bending your body.

2) This yoga should not be done if there is pain in the spine, shoulder, and hip.

3) Pregnant women should not do this yoga practice.

4) This yoga should not be done if there is a Cervical or Slip Disc.

5) The patient with piles and fissures should not practice this yoga.

How to do Half Bow pose –

Preparatory Pose –

1) Balasana

2) Shavasana

3) Vajrasana

Steps –

1) First of all you have to lie down on the mat on your stomach.

2) Spread your hands forward and press your palm on the mat.

3) Keep your feet on top of the toes and the gap should be equal in the toes.

4) Now you have to bend your left leg with the knee and keep the foot at 90 degrees.

5) You have to hold the leg with your right hand, as seen in the picture.

6) You have to keep your face forward and keep taking breath continuously.

7) Now you have to remain in this pose for some time.

8) Finally you have to leave this posture.

9) Now you have to repeat the same Posture with the Right Leg.

10) You have to do this pose at least 3 to 4 times.

Follow up Poses –

1) Dhanurasana

2) Trikonasana

3) Naukasana

Duration –

A beginner should do it for 30 seconds

Intermediate must do for 50 seconds

The expert should do it for 60 seconds

Beginner Tips –

Friends, this yoga is easy to do but you should take some precautions while doing it.

You may find it difficult while bending so you should do leaning comfortably and carefully.

Variations –

1) Both Hand One Legged Big Toe Bow Pose

2) Hidden Lotus Pose Hands Hips Aerial

3) Easy Bow Pose Hips Floor Hands Aerial

Question and Answer related to Ardha Dhanurasana - 

Q1) What are the precautions of Dhanurasana?

Ans - If you have pain in your back, then you should not do this pose.

Q2) What is the Ideal Duration of Ardha Dhanurasana?

Ans - You should do this pose for at least 40 to 60 seconds.

Q3) Should Pregnant Women Do This Pose?

Ans - No, Pregnant women should not do this pose

Q4) What is the most important benefit of this pose?

Ans - This Pose Increases the flexibility and Strength of the Body.

Q5) What is the information about ardha dhanurasana?

Ans - ardha dhanurasana is a Back Bending Modern Day Yoga Pose.

Q6) What precautions should be taken while doing Dhanurasana?

Ans - If you have an injury in your neck and lower back then you should not do this pose.

Final words on Ardha Dhanurasana Procedure Benefits and Precautions –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post Ardha Dhanurasana Procedure Benefits and Precautions very much.

Today we have learned Ardha Dhanurasana Yoga absolutely deeply. I have covered all the points which are very important for Ardha Dhanurasana.

Today, along with the simple information of Half Bow Pose, we have also got information about Benefits and Precautions.

I hope you have found today's information very informative.

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