Top 5 Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, today we will give you information about the Top 5 Yoga Poses For Back Pain.

Friends, back pain is the biggest common problem of today's time. Most people are suffering from this problem.

Whether we talk about children or old people, women or men. Everyone is a victim of this disease.

The main reason for this disease is common in today's lifestyle and diet.

Nowadays, no person does any kind of physical exercise, due to which their body weight increases.

Due to weight gain, many diseases surround them. Such as constipation, diabetes, and back pain.

Back pain is a disease that seems common in appearance but it has very bad consequences in the long term.

Now let's talk about how you can reduce or eliminate this problem.

You can take the help of yoga practice to reduce Back pain. Yoga practice is such a practice through which you can stay away from these diseases for a long time.

Yoga makes your body fit and agile and also plays a major role in reducing your extra fat.

Top 5 Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Best Yoga Asana For Back Pain – 

Now I am going to share with you my top 5 yoga poses that will help you to get relief from back pain.

1) Bhujangasana –

The name of our first yoga practice today is Bhujangasana, which is also known as Cobra Pose in the English language.

This pose is a very effective pose for Back pain because inside it there is an area train of our backside muscles like the hip, waist, and upper waist.

Due to this, your back muscles become strong and you do not have pain in the back.

2) Trikonasana –

The name of our second yoga practice today is Trikonasana. This is a beginner-friendly yoga practice.

This pose is also known as Triangular Pose in English. In this pose, our side and back muscles are trained.

This pose is very helpful in increasing the strength of the muscles. Doing this pose increases the flexibility and strength of your body.

3) Setu Bandha Sarvangasana –

The name of our third yoga practice today is setu Bandha Sarvangasana. This pose is also known as Bridge Pose in English.

This is an inverted pose, in this pose our body looks like a bridge.

In this pose, core parts of our body like shoulders, legs, thighs, and back muscles are trained.

Due to the increase in the strength of these muscles, the flexibility and power of our body start increasing.

4) Balasana –

The name of our fourth yoga practice today is Balasana, which we also know as Child's Pose.

This is a core forward bend pose. In this pose, the upper part of our body is bent forward.

Through this pose, our back muscles become strong and this pose helps in cutting off the extra fat from our stomach and love handles.

This pose also strengthens your leg muscles.

5) Chakrasana –

Today's name of our fifth and final pose is Chakrasana. This is an inverted pose.

This pose is also known as Wheel Pose in English. This pose helps in reducing the flexibility and weight of your body.

By practicing this pose, you can reduce the extra fat deposited on your abdomen, legs, thighs, and back.

Question And Answer Related to Back Pain

Q1) What type of yoga is best for back pain?

Ans - Cobra Pose, Locust Pose, Bridge Pose, etc. are the best yoga poses for back pain.

Q2) Can yoga reduce back pain?

Ans - Yes, if you practice yoga daily then back pain starts reducing.

Q3) How should I sleep with back pain?

Ans - You should follow the advice given by the doctor and sleep.

Q4) What type of yoga is best for back pain?

And - Iyengar yoga is considered best for the treatment of back pain.

Final words on Top 5 Yoga Poses For Back Pain –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post-Top 5 Yoga Poses For Back Pain.

Today we teach you many yoga poses that will help you reduce your extra weight.

Apart from this, this pose also strengthens your core and back muscles so that you do not have back pain problems.

Hope you got to learn something new and informative from today's post.

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