Floor exercise for weight loss: Top 3 Exercises

Floor exercise for weight loss

Floor exercise for weight loss:

In this article, we will practice 3 Floor exercises for weight loss. These exercises will help those who are suffering from massive weight gain problems.

Through today's article, we will learn the 3 Top exercise, which is very beneficial for your whole body.

This workout makes your shoulders, thighs, legs, stomach, and overall muscles strong and flexible.

You must follow these workouts on a daily basis, and you will get a good result soon.

Let's do the first Exercise.

Simple workout for weight loss-

To do this exercise, first, stand on the edge of the mat.

Inhale and with the exhale take your left leg tail end. You can take it in the deep long run.

Inhale, and press your palm against each other in the Namaste position.

With the exhale turn your torso toward your right side.

Inhale again.

And with an exhale place your left elbow outward of your right knee and your right elbow facing upward.

Instead of sinking your chest, engage it, and then deepen your workout.

Take your left palm towards the floor and your right palm toward your skyline.

You can keep it over your head and look towards your fingertips.

If you want to take the classical posture then slowly keep your left leg on the ground.

Keep inhaling and exhaling.

In this exercise, we stay for 5 to 7 breaths.

Tuck your toes and bring your palms to the Namaste position. And then come to the center. take your right leg together with the left leg.

Floor workout to reduce weight-

Let's do our second stretching exercise which is also known as the side plank pose.

First, sit on the floor and then go in plank pose. Make sure that you don't fall in towards your waistline.

move your shoulder toward the sky and then depress your left palm on the floor.

Flip toward the right side.

place both feet on each other and take your right arm straight toward the sun.

Keep your arms lined up in a straight line.

see towards your right thumb or towards the sky.

to come out of this position.

first, move down, take your right palm down, and return to the plank position.

Similarly, repeat this posture for the other side.

This exercise is very good for your core engagement, and it helps to tone the overall body.

If you have any wrist or shoulder injury then avoid this exercise. Because the complete weight of your body comes on your wrist and shoulder.

Best floor workout to lose weight-

My Third workout to reduce weight is quite simple.

We will keep our legs in a straddle position. If you feel this is too much then reduce the distance between your legs.

Try to keep your leg according to your body's comfort. Sit straight, and interlock your finger.

When you go ahead, your belly should be inward and you have to breathe out.

Now breathe in, with the breath out, go first on the left side of your left foot externally and then go towards your right foot and come back with a breath.

maintain your spinal cord straight, breathe out forward, and then breathe backward.

This is a very good workout to reduce the weight that is deposited on your belly.

We will exactly do this exercise the other way around.

So reverse your cycle, exhale and inhale, exhale and inhale again.

We will do this workout at least 15 times.

This is the best floor workout to lose weight. if you regularly practice your belly will slim down in a few weeks.

It also works for the inner thighs also.

Questions and answers related to Floor Exercise -

Q1) What exercise burns the most belly fat?

Ans- Crunches and exercises that have a direct effect on your core burn your belly fat fast.

Q2) Can I lose weight just by planking?

Ans- Yes, if you do it regularly and in a good way.

Q3) What are floor exercises?

Ans- This is the exercise in which we use the floor for training and exercise.

Q4) Does floor exercise reduce weight?

Ans - Floor exercise strengthens your core, due to which your lower body fat starts decreasing.

Q5) How do you lose weight on the floor?

Ans- You can lose weight by doing Plank or Cardio Exercises.

Q6) What is the Ideal Time Duration for Floor Exercises?

Ans - You can Practice these Exercises For 60 to 120 minutes per day For Better results.

Q7) What 3 exercises burn the most fat?

And - Stationary cycling, jogging, swimming, etc. reduce the fastest fat.

Q8) Is floor exercise good for weight loss?

Ans - Yes, Floor Exercise is considered good for weight loss.

My view on floor exercises for weight loss-

Before practicing, these exercises keep in mind that you are practicing them on an empty stomach or if you had your meal then make sure that there is at least a gap of 3 hours between your meal and practice of floor exercises for weight loss.

Practicing these workouts on a regular basis can help you lose weight overall of your body and also tone it.

This workout is very good for your overall core, regular practice eliminates unnecessary fat from your stomach.

You must do this exercise. Hope you liked today's article.

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