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Best yoga poses for anxiety and stress- Most Effective Asanas

yoga poses for anxiety and stress

Yoga poses for anxiety and stress-

Friend, today we will learn the Best yoga poses for anxiety and stress. We have no time for ourselves in our busy lives.

Being busy, we are falling away from our family. Because of this, we are becoming lonely.

Gradually, this loneliness turns into depression and stress. For this, I will tell you some stress relief yoga and meditation practice.

So that you will be able to cure your depression and anxiety Of this stressful life.

Role of yoga poses in reducing stress-

Friends, first we have to understand the role of yoga in reducing stress and anxiety. 

Guys, Yoga is a technique by which we learned to control our breath. 

Breath maintains the supply of oxygen in our bodies. If there is a lack of oxygen in our brain, we have anxiety attacks. If we follow yoga daily then we have a 14% less chance that we have anxiety or depression.

Pranayama for anxiety attacks -

Friends, anxiety attack has become a major problem In the world.

 About 70% of the world's population suffers from this problem. Friends, in an anxiety attack, one suddenly feels scared of the people around and in the surrounding environment.

 In this case, the person's heartbeat increases and he starts sweating. 

This is a situation where peoples are not Afraid of Anything, they only want to get rid of this fear.

To avoid anxiety, we should do pranayama. These pranayamas are Anulom vilom and Bharambari.

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Pranayama technics-

Friends, to do the Anulom vilom Pranayam. We should first spread a mat on a Ground.

 Comfortably Sit on the mat by bending both legs and straighten your waist.

 Now close the nostril of the nose of your right hand with the thumb of your Right hand. 

Take a deep breath from the Left nostril for 5 seconds. Then close your Left nostril and leave breath from the first one. 

Repeat this process 5 times.

In Bharambari Pranayama, you have to sit upright and then take a long breath. Breath came out loud with sound. 

Repeat this method 5 times.

Yoga asanas for Depression-


In this posture, you should lie on the mat on your stomach side. Now with your Right hand, hold the Toe of the Right leg.

Similarly, hold the Toe of the left leg. 

Remember, you lie on your stomach Side. now take a long breath and pull both hands and legs in the opposite direction.

Leave the body loose with the breath out. Repeat this posture 5 times.


To do this yoga asana, 

first, you sit down by bending your knees and keep your waist straight.

 Now taking a deep breath, tilt the front part of the body forward.

Put both hands backward and try to keep the forehead facing the Ground.

 Now try to stay in this position for as long as possible. Then leaving the breath, bringing the body to its former state. 

This asana will help you to improve your mental health.


In this posture, lie on the mat on your back and close Your eyes. Take a long breath and stay in this posture for 5 minutes.

You have to keep your body loose.

This is the best practice of meditation. It boosts mental health and helps the body relax. It helps in keeping the body healthy and stabilize the mind.

Hero Pose-

Through virasana, you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

This is a pose in which you take your mind into deep meditation, due to which it calms our mind.

Let us now understand in deep how we can do the hero pose.

To do this asana, you have to bend your knees and sit on the ground.

Your back should be straight and your stomach tight. Now you have to get your feet out.

Your hip should touch the ground. In the final position, you have to place your palm on the knee.

Now you have to close your eyes and go to deep meditation.

You have to meditate for about 5 minutes and leave the position.

The final conclusion on Best yoga poses for anxiety and stress-

Friend’s yoga is breathing exercises That help in relieving anxiety. A person who follows yoga continuously becomes physically and mentally fit.

 Friends, yoga is a Basic practice and a lot of asana and pranayama come in it. We should practice the best yoga poses for anxiety and stress for about 30 minutes daily so that we will become healthy. 

Friends, anxiety, and stress are found in every person, it is up to us how we should eliminate them. Pranayama for anxiety is also a practice by which we can overcome depression.

We have to make yoga our life only then we will win from anxiety, depression, and stress.


Q1) Can yoga cure anxiety disorder?

Ans - Yes, if you practice yoga daily then you can get rid of the problem of anxiety disorder.

Q2) How does yoga help with stress and anxiety?

Ans- Yoga improves the blood circulation inside your body and mind, due to which your stress and anxiety gradually end.

Q3) Which yoga is best for anxiety?

Ans - Hero Pose, Tree Pose, and Triangle Pose are good for Anxiety.

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