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Top 5 yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain

yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain

yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain-

In today's culture, we are mostly involved digitally. We spend most of our time on the phone. We bend our necks when we use the phone.
Bending your neck for a long time will cause stress on your spine. As a result, our natural posture of the spine gets changes.

 If you continuously practice this posture, your body show results due to discomfort and you have a cervical problem. You suffer permanent neck pain.

You know, yoga is a solution by which we can eliminate our neck and shoulder pain. Today I will teach you a simple yoga pose which you can perform anywhere like in a car, in the office. You can perform this pose 2 to 3 times a day. 

Lets we do Yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain.

Yoga poses for neck pain-

Let’s start, first, sit in Vajra asana pose, now raise your right hand and bend, then place on your center of the back ensure that the elbow must be near to your head. 

Now rotate your left hand downward and try to grab your right hand. Now try to hold your both hand. Keep in mind that during this process you should do proper inhale and exhale. Make ensure that your neck should be straight during this process. 

Please keep this position for 1 minute. This yoga pose is known as cow face yoga.

Yoga poses for shoulders-

Now the second stretch exercise we perform here is the rotation of the arm. The first step is to raise your both hand and place them on your shoulder.

 Now rotate your arms clockwise, make ensure that your palm should be placed on the shoulder. Similarly, rotate your arms anticlockwise.

 The best part of this pose is you can practice anywhere like while watching T.V or while break time in the office.

Yoga for neck pain-

In the next exercise, you tuck your chin back. And then rotate your neck right side and hold for 5 seconds then rotate your neck for the left side.

 Do this process 5 times. When you rotate your neck left side then you feel a nice stretch on the right side. 

Similarly, when you rotate on the right side you feel stretch on the left side. 

Neck and shoulder stretch-

In the next exercise, you should drop your hand on the right side and drop your neck to the left side. Now hold this position for 5 counts.
During this posture, keeps inhaling and exhale. Similarly, drop your hand on the left side and drop your neck on the right side and hold for a count. 

Repeat this process 10 times.

Yoga poses for shoulder and headache-

in our next exercise, we place our right palm on the right head area and now press palm on the head and similarly press head on the palm. We will do this process for 5 counts and repeat the same process on the left side. 

Now press your center of the palm with the center of the head. Do this process for 5 counts. This exercise is good for headaches and it will strengthen your shoulder.

Yoga poses for back pain-

In our yoga for back pain, we interlock our fingers and place our interlock hand behind our heads. Now press your palm on your head. 

You will feel a nice stretch on your back. This nice stretch is very effective for back pain. You can do this exercise 5 times each and every day then you will get the result soon.

Conclusion on yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain -

So guys, by practice this yoga pose, I am pretty sure that your neck and shoulder pain reduces easily. So be practice these yoga pose exercises each and every day. 

I am sure your back pain relief soon.

Hope you like Today Article yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain.


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