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Tadasana steps benefits and precautions: what is Tadasana?

Tadasana steps benefits and precautions

What is Tadasana and its benefits-

Children are afraid of not increasing height after the age of 16. Young and elderly complain of waist lock and pain. Today, I will explain Tadasana's steps benefits and precautions.

So that you get rid of back pain and height problem. Along with the How to do Tadasana, I will also explain the benefits and precautions so that you get a complete guide in one place.

What is Tadasana-

We also know Tadasana as Mountain Yoga Pose. It is derived from Sanskrit vocabulary.

Tada means in English is mountain and asana means in English is pose, hence Tadasana Means Mountain pose.

In this Posture, we stand like a palm tree, hence it is called Tadasana in Hindi.

This Asana provides stretching to our body and the main objective of this exercise is to increase height.

We also know Tadasana by the name of Samasthiti.

Tadasana steps-

1) First, you stand at a distance of the hip line. Both of your hands should be along with the thigh.

2) Now take both your hands up and Interlock the fingers.

3) Lift your body upward with the help of your foot fingers.

4) Stretch your ankle, thighs, stomach, and hands in an upward direction.

5) try to keep your stomach inside and keep your spine and neck straight as possible you can.

6) Your face should be in an upward direction and put all of your body weight on the claws.

7) Remain in this position for 40 to 50 seconds then breathe out and come to the normal position.

8) Practice mountain pose at least 6 to 7 times for 1 to 3 minutes daily.

Variations in mountain pose –

Mountain poses are of the following types some of them are listed below.

1) Tadasana Gomukhasana

2) Tadasana Paschima Buddha Hastasana

3) Tadasana Paschima Namaskarasana

4) Palm Tree Pose

5) Tadasana Urdhva Hastasana

6) Utthita Tadasana

7) Tadasana Variation Feet Hip Wide

Different types of mountain poses are described above. All Asana comes in standing posture. I have taught you above in palm tree pose.

All the mudras are of the same, there is little variation in them.

What is Tadasana and its benefits

Tadasana benefits-

1) Among all yoga poses, mountain yoga pose is one such aid that greatly helps in increasing height.

2) Tadasana gives balance and stability to our bodies.

3) Samasthiti provides strength to our muscles and bones.

4) This posture is very helpful for people who are suffering from back pain, spine pain, and have slip disc.

5) Mountain pose provides benefits to pregnant women during her first couple of months of pregnancy.

6) Tadasana improves the standing posture and overall posture of our body.

7) This yoga posture destroys stomach disorder and improves digestive power.

8) The regular practice of this pose makes the waist thin and beautiful.

9)  Tadasana improves the blood circulation in the body hence the problem of stress, anxiety, and depression will be removed.

10) Mountain pose is a panacea for the respiratory system.

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Tadasana precautions-

1) The person suffering from low blood pressure should not practice this posture because blood may flow to the lower part of your body.

2) Avoid Tadasana during pregnancy.

3) Heart patients should consult with a doctor before starting a mountain pose.

4) Varicose veins patients should avoid Samasthiti.

5) While doing this asana balance and breathing must be the main concern.

6) Avoid the overstraining yourself.

7) Insomnia patients should avoid this yoga pose.

8) If you have a headache problem then do not do this pose.

9) If you have a neck injury problem then avoid this posture.

10) Don't do this yoga for a long time it may cause muscles to tear.

Beginner tips-

If you are having problems of balancing in the beginning then you can use a brick.

Put a brick under your heel and practice for a few days. When you start getting expert then start practicing on the paws.

Summary of Tadasana steps benefits and precautions-

Friends Tadasana is the easiest pose in all poses. Its regular practice increases the height of boys.

The problem of a woman's weight may also be solved. The body of the young man looks thin and muscular, the back pain of the elderly ends.

In today's article, it has been my endeavor to cover every detail of mountain poses like Tadasana steps benefits and precautions.

The best time to meditate is morning. Friends, we should either wear loose clothing or wear special yoga pants before doing the mountain pose.

You should go to a near yoga center to do Tadasana very well. This is a good and safe way to practice yoga.


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