Top 10 Hing benefits and side effects

Hing benefits and side effects

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today we will read about Hing benefits and side effects.

Hing is an Asian spice, which is used as food and medicine.

In India, asafoetida is mainly used to improve the taste of food.

Consuming Hing cures all diseases related to your stomach. It cures all diseases like bloating, constipation, and indigestion.

It also removes the burning sensation of your chest, if you have a complaint of vomiting, asafoetida is very beneficial in it.

By consuming regular asafoetida, it is believed that you do not have any type of disease related to the skin.

Asafoetida has been treated as a medicine in Ayurveda, in Ayurveda, asafoetida was given to cure any stomach-related disease.

Let us now understand the benefits and precautions of Hing.

What is Hing?

Friends, Hing is called asafoetida in English. It is an Asian spice, it is used in cooking and to cure stomach-related diseases.

Within India, if you have any type of stomach or chest-related problems, you are advised to consume hing.

This is because some such elements are found in it, which cures the problem of your stomach and chest.

Hing is also used to improve the taste and smell of food.

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Hing Nutrition Facts-

Asafoetida is a Healthy Spice, its nutrition facts are as follows.

There are 298 calories inside 100 gm asafoetida, total fat is 1.1g, and carbohydrates 67.8 g inside it.

The amount of protein and fiber inside it is 4, 4 g.

Vitamin and Mineral

Calcium - 690g

Iron - 39.4 g

Magnesium - 80g

Phosphorus - 30 g

Zinc - 0.4 g

copper- 0.5 g

Magnese - 1.1 g

Asafoetida Recipes-

1) Hing Water for weight loss-

To make asafoetida water, you will have to follow some steps.

1) You have to take 5 g asafoetida and one glass of water.

2) You have to mix asafoetida inside a glass filled with water at night.

3) You have to leave that water overnight.

4) The next day you have to heat that water lightly.

5) Finally you have to sip that water and drink it.

6) You have to drink this water 3 to 4 times a week

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2) How to Make Hing Powder-

Friends, you will need a mixer or grinder to make hing powder.

You have to take 100 to 200 g asafoetida and grind it after putting it in the mixer.

Now you have to take 5 g asafetida powder with water every morning, all the diseases related to your stomach will be eradicated.

Benefits of Hing-

1) Consuming hing powder after eating food digests your food quickly.

2) Asafoetida cures your stomach-related diseases like indigestion, constipation, acidity, and other diseases from the root.

3) It cures all the diseases related to breathing, whether you have any kind of cough, it cures all types of cough.

4) Hing also helps in reducing high blood pressure.

5) If you have a headache, then you should drink asafetida in water, your headache is cured quickly.

6) If you are having pain in your rib, then boil a glass of water mixed with asafetida and massage it on the ribs, you will benefit greatly.

7) If there is pain in your teeth, then you have to dip a small piece of cotton into hing water and keep it under the pain tooth, you will get relief from tooth pain.

8) If gas is forming in your stomach then you should take asafetida powder with black salt, you will get relief from gas.

9) Taking asafetida makes the face glow.

10) Consuming asafoetida water also causes weight loss.

Hing Side effects-

1) Consuming asafoetida sometimes causes swelling on your lips, if swelling becomes more, consult a doctor.

2) Consuming asafetida can cause gas in your stomach, or diarrhea.

3) Some people get skin rash due to consuming asafoetida, the main reason for this is allergy from asafetida.

4) By overeating asafetida, a person has a problem of headache and dizziness.

5) Consuming asafoetida negatively affects your blood pressure, your blood pressure starts to remain high and low.

Final words on Hing benefits and side effects-

Friends, as I told you in the introduction itself, asafoetida is an Indian spice that is used for both food and medicine.

Hing improves both taste and aroma in food. It mainly helps to overcome stomach problems.

If you have indigestion and constipation problems, then you should take hing powder in the morning and evening.

You will get positive results in a few days from this.

Hope you liked today's article about hing benefits and side effects.

Question and Answer Related to Hing Benefits -

Q1) Is hing harmful to health?

Ans - If Hing is consumed orally then it is beneficial for health.

Q2) Is Asafoetida bad for liver?

Ans- No, Hing is beneficial for the liver. It improves the health of the liver.

Q3) How much asafoetida should I use?

Ans- You should consume asafetida in small quantities daily only then it will give you benefits.

Q4) Is hing good for health?

Ans - Hing is very good for your health. It contains many nutrients which are beneficial for health.

Q5) Is hing safe to eat?

Ans - If you are not allergic to asafetida then it is quite safe to eat.

Q6) Is Hing Good For Constipation?

Ans - According to Ayurveda Hing is Good For Constipation.

Q7) Is hing good for the liver?

Ans - Yes, eating asafoetida improves the functioning of your liver.

Q8) Is it good or bad for health?

Ans - Hing has high amount of Antioxidant so it is good for health.

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