Virabhadrasana 1 steps benefits and precautions

virabhadrasana 1 steps benefits and precaution

Hello friends, my name is Anup and you are welcome on my Yoga blog. Today I will teach you virabhadrasana 1 steps benefits and precautions.

Friends, virabhadrasana is a standing pose in which you move your body forward.

This pose energizes your body, securing the hormones of happiness inside your body.

Friends, if you are feeling low in your life and your confidence remains down.

If you feel a lack of motivation in you, then friends, you must do this pose.

This posture improves blood circulation inside your body, causing blood flow to your mind.

Due to the flow of blood improvement, there is the growth of Hormones of Happiness and confidence inside your body.

Where to go in simple words, virabhadrasana is very important for your personal motivation.

Let me now explain in detail the steps and benefits of virabhadrasana.

Virabhadrasana 1 Meaning-

Friends, virabhadrasana is an advanced level yoga pose in which you move your body forward.

This pose is very important for your mind and motivation. This posture plays a huge role in raising the confidence of demotivated people.

Virabhadrasana is made by combining 3 words vira, bhadra and asana.

Virabhadra - Warrior

Asana - pose

Warrior Pose is formed when we combine both words.

Hindi Meaning – वीरभद्रासन

English Meaning - Warrior Pose

Sanskrit meaning - Virabhadrasana

Let us now read in detail about virabhadrasana.

How to do Virabhadrasana 1-

Preparatory Pose-

1) Padhastasana

2) Pashasana

3) Lolasana

Steps –

1) First of all you have to stand straight on top of the mat.

2) There should be equal distance between your legs.

3) Now you have to move your right leg forward and move the left leg backward from hip to down.

4) Now you have to bring both your hands in Namaskar position

5) Taking a breath in, raise your hand upwards, and extend your hand backward while expanding the chest.

6) Your face should be straight.

7) You have to keep the circulation of your breath.

8) After spending some time you have to slow down your hands

9) Bring your body slowly to a normal position.

10) Similarly you have to practice this pose from your other side.

Follow Up pose –

1) Tadasana

2) Hanumanasana

3) Tolasana

Durations –

1) Beginner -   30 to 40 seconds

2) Intermediate – 40 seconds to 1 minute

3) Expert -   1 to 2 minutes

Beginner Tips –

Friends, in this posture, you should be careful when you have to move your body forward.

Because stretching too much, or stretching careless can cause injury in your body.

You should start with a gradual stretch at the beginning and as your body becomes flexible you have to increase your stretch level.

Variations –

1 ) Seated Warrior Pose I Chair 

2 ) Easy Warrior I Pose Chair

3 ) Warrior I Variation Wall

Virabhadrasana 1 benefits –

1) This posture increases your confidence and motivation level.

2) This posture improves blood circulation in your body, so that you do not get any skin related disease.

3) This posture makes your internal organs strong and flexible.

4) By doing this asana, hormones of happiness are secreted inside you.

5) This posture cures all stomach related diseases like gas, indigestion.

6) This pose also plays a major role in curing chronic constipation.

7) This pose makes all the joints of your body strong and flexible.

8) This pose is the best pose to reduce back pain and neck pain.

9) This posture improves your metabolism rate which causes your weight loss.

10) This posture reduces your lower body fat

Virabhadrasana Precautions –

1) You should be careful while doing deep stretching or else you may get injured.

2) You should pay special attention to breathing.

3) Pregnant women should not do this asana.

4) If you have back pain or slip disc then do not posture it.

5) The patient with hernia and piles should not do this posture.

6) Do not do this asana even if you have knee pain.

Question and Answer Related to Virabhadrasana -

Q1) Which part of the body gets benefits from virabhadrasana?

Ans-  By Doing Virabhadrasana Your Hamstring, Hips and Shoulder gets maximum benefits.

Q2) What is Ideal Duration for Warrior Pose?

Ans -  I think 60 to 80  seconds is Good Durations for Warrior pose.

Q3) Whom Should not do the Virabhadrasana.

Ans- Pregnant women and the Person suffer from hip and Thigh Pain should not do this pose.

Final words on Virabhadrasana 1 steps benefits and precautions-

Friends, today's article might have liked Virabhadrasana 1 steps benefits and precautions.

Friends, as I told you in the beginning, this posture is very beneficial for your mind.

If you face stress and anxiety, then this pose is the best pose for you.

Friends, you should add this posture to your daily routine so that you get maximum benefits of this posture.

Hope you liked today's post.

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