Basic Ardha Navasana Benefits and Precautions

Ardha Navasana Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to the new chapter of Yoga. Today I will tell you about Ardha navasana benefits and precautions.

Friends, you must have heard about your Navasana. This pose is medium-level yoga.

This pose easily reduces the fat in your abdomen. But friends and beginners find it difficult to practice this yoga.

That's why they should do some basic yoga before starting this yoga.

In Basic Yoga, you can start with Ardha Navasana. Ardha Navasana is an easy-level yoga.

This yoga is a variation of Navasana. In this yoga, we do not put much stress on our bodies.

Due to this, it is easily performed and by practicing slowly, we train ourselves for the main Yoga.

The biggest benefit of doing Ardha Navasana is that it increases the flexibility of our bodies.

By increasing flexibility, our body becomes flexible and the weight of our body is also maintained.

Let me now explain to you in detail how and when to practice this yoga.

Now we start today's article.

What is the History of Ardha Navasana –

Friends, Ardha Navasana Yoga is an easy-level yoga. This is a variation of Navasana.

It is known as Half Boat Pose in the English language. In this yoga, we balance our body on the hips.

Whereas our hands and legs are balanced at a particular angle.

This pose is made up of a combination of 3 words.

Arda - Half

Nava - Boat

Asana - Pose

When we add these 3 words then Ardha Boat Pose is formed.

Meanings -

Hindi - अर्ध नवासना 

English - Half Boat Pose

Sanskrit - Ardha Navasana

Let's start this yoga practice now

Beginner Tips –

Friends, in this yoga, there is more stress on your Hips and Thighs. So you should be careful while doing this pose.

If You Have Pain Hip Pain Or Back Then This Pose Should Be Avoided. Children and women should be more careful while doing this pose, otherwise, serious injury may occur.

Ardha Navasana Benefits -

1) This yoga increases the flexibility of your hip and thigh.

2) This yoga improves your metabolism rate.

3) Due to the Improvement of the Metabolism Rate, your weight loss starts.

4) This pose also reduces your Lower Abdomen and Thigh Fat.

5) By doing this posture, your chronic constipation is cured.

6) This posture also cures your complex stomach disease.

7) This yoga is good for your heart and blood.

8) Glow comes on your skin by doing this posture.

9) This yoga also makes your shoulder and upper body stronger.

10) By doing this yoga, you do not have anxiety and stress.

11) By doing this pose, you do not get piles and fissures.

12) Beginners can also do this pose, they only have to keep a Yoga Instructor with them.

13) This posture increases your muscle strength.

14) Your endurance also improves by doing this pose.

15) This yoga brings benefits to both women and men.

Half Boat Pose Precautions –

1) You should be careful while doing this pose, otherwise, you may get hurt.

2) If you have pain in the Hip and Thigh, then this posture should not be done.

3) This yoga should not be done even if there is a slipped disc and cervix.

4) Pregnant women should not do this yoga.

5) Even if you have headaches and migraines, this yoga should not be done.

6) If you have neck and shoulder pain, then this pose is not to be done.

How to do Ardha Navasana –

1) First of all you have to sit on top of the Mat.

2) Your waist should be absolutely straight and your legs should be straight.

3) Now you have to tilt your upper body backward.

4) When you tilt your body backward, then you have to take a Deep Breath.

5) With a deep breath, you have to raise your legs. You have to raise your knee to your face height.

6) The lower part of your knee should be at 45 degrees as seen in the picture.

7) To support your legs and balance your body, you have to stretch your hands forward.

8) Your hands should be raised to your knee height as seen in the picture.

9) You have to continuously breathe inhale and exhale.

10) Finally you have to leave this post

Preparatory Pose –

Friends, before starting this yoga, you should do some Preparatory Poses so that you do not get hurt.

You can do Chakrasana, Plank, or other basic yoga exercises.

Follow-up poses –

1) Balasana

2) Trikonasana

3) Bitilasana

Duration –

The beginner must do it for 50 seconds

Intermediate go for 60 seconds

Expert Should do so for 80 seconds

Variations –

1) Upward hands variation

2) Ardha Navasana Flow

3) Paripurna Navasana

What kind of clothes should we wear while doing this pose -

While doing this pose, you should wear loose or yoga clothes, it gives you a comfortable feel and you are able to pose easily.

Final words on Ardha Navasana Benefits and Precautions-

Friends, today we have understood in detail about Ardha Navasana Variation of Navasana Yoga.

I have tried to explain this yoga to you in detail from all aspects so that you do not face any kind of problem while doing this exercise.

Today we have explored all the information related to Ardha Naukasana. I am sure this information will help you a lot.

I hope you liked today's article Ardha Navasana Benefits and Precautions very much.

Important questions and answers related to Ardha Navasana -

Q1) Is Ardha Navasana Yoga a Variation of Navasana?

Ans - Yes, Ardha Navasana Yoga is a variation of Navasana.

Q2 ) Is a Yoga Instructor required to do Ardha Navasana?

Ans - If you are a beginner then you should do this pose under the supervision of the instructor.

Q3) Who should avoid this pose?

Ans - Pregnant women and the person who has back thigh, and knee pain

Q4) In which disease Ardha Navasana is most beneficial?

Ans - If you have problems with Back pain and Neck Pain or if you have a lack of immunity, then this pose benefits you a lot.

Q5) Ardha Navasana comes under the category of which yoga pose?

Ans - It comes under the category of medium-level yoga practice.

Q6) Should Pregnant Women do this Pose?

Ans - No, Pregnant Women Should Avoid this.

Q7) What is the information of Ardha Navasana?

Ans - This is a variation of Navasana which improves the flexibility of your body.

Q8) Who should avoid Navasana?

Ans - If you have a back pain problem and you have a constant headache then you should avoid this pose.

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