Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain and Hips

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today I will give you information about Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain and Hips.

Friends, in today's time, if there is pain in the back or hip of the common man, it is not a big deal.

The routine of the common man has become such that it is natural for them to have back pain.

If you want to get rid of this pain, then there are two ways.

The first way is to improve your routine and diet. If you do this then your back pain will end soon.

Another way is yoga by which your back or hip pain will go away forever.

Even inside yoga, you will find many poses on which you can focus.

All you have to do is to add yoga practice to your life and then you will see the wonders of it.

By practicing yoga daily, your back pain will go away and your body will get positive vibes.

These positive vibes will help you move ahead in life. That's why you must practice yoga.

Now I will tell you my top yoga practice, with the practice of which your back and hip pain will disappear in a few days.

Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain and Hips

Yoga for Lower Back Pain and Hips –

Let us now know about the best yoga poses, which will benefit our backs.

1) Bridge Pose -

Friends, Bridge Pose is a very good pose, it trains your back and hip muscles.

In this pose, the entire strain of our body is on the hip and back. Due to this, your hip and back muscles get relief.

You should do this pose daily and practice at least 3 times

2) Anjaneyasana –

Anjaneyasana is a sitting pose. In this pose, our upper body remains completely straight.

In this posture, the entire focus of our body is on the waist and hip muscles.

By doing this pose, your back and hip muscles are strong and flexible.

Due to this, you get a lot of relief in Backpain. I would suggest you do this pose daily

3) Kursiasana –

Kursiasana is my personal favorite pose. In this pose, your Thigh, Hip, Back, and Shoulder are all involved.

But if you talk about focus in this pose, then more focus of your body is on your Thigh, Hips, Back, and Shoulder.

This makes these muscles flexible and strong, which helps in giving you relief from back pain or any kind of pain.

4) Tadasana –

Tadasana is a very popular pose. If we talk about Yoga trainers, then everyone recommends it.

First, it is not very difficult to do, secondly, its benefits is very high.

It helps in increasing your height and helps in improving your concentration.

Its main benefit is that it strengthens your core and back muscles, which avoids back pain in the future.

5) Marjariasana –

We also know this pose as the Cat-Cow Pose. This pose is very popular among women.

Talking about the benefits of this pose, it focuses on your core, hip, and wrist muscles.

Due to this, your lower weight starts decreasing efficiently and the other also gives you relief from muscle pain.

6) Kagasana –

Kagasana is an underrated pose because this pose is not very popular among people.

Talking about the specialty of this pose, this pose is mainly used to reduce weight.

But talking about the position of this pose, it has more effect on your hip and back.

Question and Answer Related to Lower Back Pain Yoga -

Q1) Should I do yoga if I have lower back pain?

Ans - No, you should avoid and consult a doctor or yoga trainer.

Q2) What type of yoga is best for lower back pain?

Ans - Kagasana, Balasana and Malasana are better for Lower Back Pain.

Q3) What helps lower back and hip pain?

Ans- By doing yoga, there is relief from Lower Back Pain and Hip Pain.

Q4) Do yoga poses help to reduce Hip and Waist Fat?

Ans -  Yes, several Yoga poses will help you to reduce hip and waist pain.

Q5) How do I loosen my lower back and hips?

Ans - Friends, you can loosen your lower back and hips by consistently practicing yoga.

Q6) Is yoga good for lower back and hip pain?

Ans - Yes, doing yoga gives relief to your lower hip and back pain.

Q7) Which type of yoga is best for lower back pain?

Ans - Cobra pose and bridge pose are considered good for lower back pain.

Final words on Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain and Hips –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's article Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain and Hips very much.

I have told you many amazing yoga poses, if you follow these poses then you will get many benefits along with back pain and hip pain.

You should add yoga poses to your daily life and then see how many benefits you get from it.

Hope you got to learn something new from today's post.

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