Similarities Between Asana and Exercise

Similarities Between Asana and Exercise

Friends, today's topic is going to be very interesting because we are going to find the answer to a ubiquitous question.

This question is about similarities between asana and exercise.

Friends, as we have been taught since childhood that if you have to find a similarity between two things, then you have to understand in deep what is the difference between the Two.

So, friends, we will have to understand this topic in deep.

Many people ask me, can you tell us which is the best yoga or exercise.

Friends, I have done a lot of research to answer his question.

Through this article, I will try to explain to you better what is the best in yoga Pose, and workout.

What is the same and what is the difference between the two?

If both are the same then do both give the same health benefit? Friends, a lot of your Doubts are going to be cleared through today's article.

Let us now try to understand yoga and workout in detail.

What Is Yoga?-

Friends, it is not so easy to understand Yoga because a lot of Things come inside it.

Different exercises of breath also come with the Physical Exercise inside Yoga.

Your body gets strengthened through the various processes of Posture.

Yoga makes your body free from various diseases. Yoga Posture has the best effect on your mind.

It calms your mind and sharpens your intellect. There are many processes that Come into Yoga, which we cannot cover in one article.

If we talk in small words, then yoga is the action through which you become healthy.

Example – Chakrasana , Tadasana , Navasana ,Pranayam etc.

What is Asanas?

The Various postures come inside yoga. inside it, we perform various types of physical activity.

Physical activity such as standing on a claw, and turning the body into a different posture. This Physical activity is called Yoga poses.

What is a Workout?

Exercise is a process through which your body becomes strong.

Different types of weight workouts come inside the exercise. Friends, if we talk in fewer words than putting stress on our body, making changes in its texture can be called exercise.

The thing to remember is that our stress level during a workout is more than that of Posture.

Some of the exercises include dumbbell workouts, leg workouts, chest workouts, etc.

Difference between yoga and asana-

Many of you are confused what is the difference between yoga and asanas.

Friends, Yoga, and asanas complement each other. Asanas mean different types of poses.

Such as - Chakrasana, Padmasana, Tadasana.

All these terms fall within the asanas. Yoga is a very large term from which asanas come.

Within yoga comes your pranayama, asanas, hand yoga, and many other things.

Difference between yoga and exercise-

1) Weight-

Friends, the first difference between yoga and exercise is weight.

In yoga, you do asanas with the help of your body weight. But in exercise, you do workouts with the help of External Weight.

Like - dumbbells, rods, etc.

2) Body Stress-

In Pose, there is very little stress on the body, we can easily do all the movements inside yoga.

In a yoga pose, you keep your mind calm.

In exercise, you take a lot of stress on your body because you have a lot of physical movement in workouts.

3) Blood Circulation –

Your blood circulation is normal in yoga. But your blood pressure is very high in workouts.

Because you put too much effort to do any activity.

4) Over Use-

If you do over Asanas then there is no side effect on your body.

But if you do exercise more than your body's capacity, then the chances of getting hurt are increased.

5) Flexibility-

The person who does Yoga Pose daily has a flexible body. But the muscle of a person doing exercise becomes thin, which makes his body tight but he does not have flexibility.

6) Respiration –

When you do normal breathing in yoga, your lungs do not have to do much effort and do normal work.

But in exercise, we have to make more efforts, which puts more emphasis on our lungs. 

Common between Pose and exercise-

Let us now try to understand the similarities between the two.

1) The first commonality between Pose and exercise is that both help to keep our bodies healthy.

2) Both help in making the muscles. The only difference is that your muscle building is more and in bulk due to the workouts.

3) Both yoga and workouts increase your immunity. The difference is that your immunity increases faster in yoga.

4) Both Asanas and workouts make your body flexible. The difference is that yoga makes your body more flexible.

5) Both of them help to make your body beautiful and attractive.

6) If you regulate both, then the extra fat from your body will be gone in a few days.

Conclusion on Similarities between Asana and exercise-

Friends, hope you have got a lot of information from today's article.

Both poses and workouts are the best in their place. If you do both of them properly then you will get the best results.

Hope you like the similarities between asana and exercise.

Questions and answers related to Asana and Exercise -

Q1) Are exercise and yoga are same?

Ans - No, Exercise and Yoga are not the same. In Exercise, we do the activity that puts a strain on our body. But in Yoga, we do the action that removes stress from our body.

Q2) Can we do both yoga and exercise?

Ans - Yes, you can do both of them by aligning them.

Q3) Is yoga better than the gym?

Ans - According to me, yoga is much better than the gym because yoga makes your body attractive along with eliminating the disease. Gym only makes the body attractive.

Q4) Are asana and exercise the same?

Ans - Asana gives you physical and mental benefits while Exercise gives you physical benefits.

Q5) Can we do both yoga and exercise?

Ans - Yes, you can do it, it will not harm you in any way.

Q6) The development of mental power is done by Asana or by exercise?

Ans- Friends, according to research, mental power is developed through Asana.

Q7) Which of the following is both an asana and an exercise?

Ans - Physical Exercise in which your breathing has an important role, it falls under the category of both Asana and Exercise.

Q8) Is asana and exercise the same?

Ans - Both are different and the method of performing both is also different.

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