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Basic Siddhasana steps benefits and precautions

siddhasana steps benefits and precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips, today I have brought you new yoga practice.

Today's title of yoga is siddhasana steps benefits and precautions. In today's post, I will cover all the facts of siddhasana very briefly.

Friends, siddhasana, also known as a perfect pose, is one of the basic postures of yoga.

A lot of people, of which I am also one, make this resolution daily that we will start meditation from today.

But the day passes, but this resolution is not complete. So, friends, that's why I did a lot of research and found out how we could meditate.

After a lot of research, friends, I came to know that siddhasana is an asana that is the basis of all poses.

If you want to start meditation then you should start with the perfect pose.

Now I will explain to you in detail how you can do siddhasana.

What is Siddhasana-

Friends, siddhasana which we also know in English by the name of perfect pose is a basic yoga practice.

This pose is considered the basis of meditation. This asana is made by combining two words.

Siddha - perfect

asana - pose

That is why we also know it by the name of the perfect pose.

Hindi Meaning - Siddhasan

English Meaning - Perfect Pose

Sanskrit meaning - siddhasana

In this pose, the position of our body is somewhat like that of sukhasana.

Let us now understand siddhasana in detail.

How to do Perfect Pose-

Preparatory Pose-

1) Sukhasana

2) Bhadrasana

3) Bhujangasana

Siddhasana Steps-

1) In the first step, you have to bend your right leg from the knee and the sole of your foot should touch the thigh of the left leg.

2) Now you have to raise your left leg and place it on top of your right leg, the sole of your foot should touch the right leg's thigh.

3) Pay attention, your ankle should be on top of each other.

4) Your spine should be straight and your neck should also be straight.

5) Now you have to place both your hands above the knee.

6) Your hands should be straight.

7) Now you have to close both your eyes and try to concentrate.

8) You should meditate for as long as possible.

9) After some time of meditation you have to relax your body.

Follow up pose-

1) Padhastasana

2) Virasana

3) Monkey pose


For Beginners-        30 seconds

For Intermediate-   1 minutes

For Expert-                2 Minutes

Beginner Tips-

Friends, this is a very easy pose, so you will not have any problem doing this.

The problem you may have faced in doing this pose is meditation. By doing this regularly, you will also be able to meditate.


1) Half lotus pose Raised hand

2) siddhasana with Pranayam

3) bend lotus pose on stomach

Siddhasana Benefits-

1) By doing this asana, our brain and mind get relaxed.

2) By doing this asana, your metabolism rate improves due to which your weight starts to decrease.

3) By doing the perfect pose, your blood circulation improves, which causes all your blood-related diseases to end.

4) This pose brings a glow to your face and your skin-related disease is over.

5) Doing Siddhasana reduces anxiety and stress and you do not have a mental illness.

6) This pose eliminates all the stomach-related diseases like indigestion and constipation.

7) If you have pain in your neck and waist, then this pose helps to reduce that problem.

8) This posture helps you to increase your memory power.

Siddhasana Precautions-

1) People who have problems with cervical pain and slip discs should not do this posture.

2) Do not Practice this posture if you have headaches and migraine problems.

3) You should avoid this pose even if there are problems of hernia and piles

4) Even if you have pain in your knees, you should avoid this asana.

5) Pregnant women should do this posture with the advice of a doctor.

Final words on Basic Siddhasana steps benefits and precautions-

Friends, our Today posture is very beneficial. it believed that if you practice it regularly then all your mul chakra opens.

This pose is the most basic asana of meditation, so anyone who wants to learn meditation should definitely learn this pose.

This posture helps you a lot in calming your mind. Thus you must practice this asana.

There are many benefits of this pose which I have explained to you in detail above.

Hope you liked today's post-Basic Siddhasana steps benefits and precautions


Q1) What are the benefits of Siddhasana?

Ans - By doing siddhasana, your mental chakra develops.

Q2) What are the precautions of Siddhasana?

Ans - If there is an injury in your knee, then you should not do this pose.

Q3 ) What is another name of Siddhasana?

Ans - Another name of Siddhasana is Accomplished Pose.

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